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Folk Dance Show at Nikolaevsky Palace

If you meet a real Russian in the crowd of people in the main street of a big city, whether it is Moscow or New York, London or Paris, you won't be able to tell him from the others. What really distinguishes a Russian lies deep inside, near his heart. His soul is seeking for festivity when a stirring song is struggling to get free and a frantic dance is ready to carry everything before it like a hurricane. Would you like to find yourself in the very center of the original Russian folk festivities? To get carried away by the colorful foot stamping performance? To feel Russian at least for a while? If no hesitation appears in your mind, then accept a warm welcome of the Nikolayevsky Art-Center to see the enchanting festival of Russian spirit "Feel yourself Russian"! The show is performed by the professional folk companies.

THE SOUVENIR - Download the "Kamarinskaya" musical fragment Download!

It's a Russian folk ensemble. The three musicians brilliantly perform folk compositions.Besides the accordion and balalaika which are traditional for Russia, some rare and even exotic musical instruments are used by this group. You will be astonished to hear lyrical or stirring tunes performed by means of objects which are never known to be used for music-making. These extraordinary performances are full of humour and stress the efficiency of the instruments players, their ability to turn the ordinary into the beautiful and remarkable.

The "Souvenir" was formed in 1990. It successfully toured in many European countries, the USA, Canada. The group is a prize-winner of the World Folk Festival in Seattle (the USA).


It is a dance company.The dancers are graduates of leading schools of choreography in Russia.Its repertoire comprises lyrical dances of the Russian North, stirring dances of the Cossacks from the Don and Voronezh, dancing miniatures of the Urals and Siberia with their subtle humour.The group owes its success not only to the fantasy and skill of its dances but also to the dresses made in the best dressmakers' of the city.

Picturesque dresses help to perceive each dancing piece more vividly and add to the atmosphere of national dances . Spectators of all ages and tastes will be able to appreciate not only the ability of the performers to convey Russian national colour on the stage, but also their highest skill, complexity of acrobatic feats and breath-taking leaps.The group has had successful tours in France, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, China, Italy, Spain.


It is a Cossack song and dance company formed in 1992 by the Honoured Artist V. Drachev. The name of the group takes its origin from the place where all Cossacks used to assemble in olden times and dicisions were made "by the whole world". The group skilfully reproduces on stage Cossack songs and dances in their original form. There are twenty two graduates of St. Petersburg Academy of the Culture in this group. They went on a tour in Switzerland.


NAIGRYSH - Download the "Kalinka" musical fragment Download!

It is a folk instruments quarttet.The skilful musicians perform versions of the well-known Russian tunes and the folk music of different nationalities.

The show lasts for about two hours. It consists of two parts. In the intermission the refreshments are served.Guests are treated to fruit, canapes with caviar red and black, ham, smoked sausage, cheese; also, strong and soft drinks: Russian vodka, champagne, mineral water, juice. During the interval, classical music known world-wide is performed by a string quartette.Various russian souvenirs are sold. The show takes place on the stage of the Concert Hall with a seating capacity of 340 seats.

Note about seat numbers:
Seats are without numbers. As the hall is not a big, there is no big difference between seats. All seats are considered to be good. For that reason all tickets are without seat numbers tickets.

Address: Truda (Labour) Square, 4   see map

Nikolaevsky Palace building

The Nikolaevsky Palace was built by the architect A.Stakenschneider on Blagoveshchenskaya Square. The building of the palace for Grand Duke Nicole Nikolaevich (senior) began in 1853 and finished in 1861. The marine barracks located there were quickly dismantled.
The huge palace became a dominant in the architecture of Blagoveshchenskaya square.The facades are a typical sample of the Neo-Renaissance style and reflect the influence of the Italian architecture of XVI century. Variations in the decoration of different stories and gradual diminution of the order elements, from the bottom and upwards produce a specific artistic effect. In front of it the front courtyard was laid out fenced with a cast-iron railing.
When decorating the interiors Stakenschneider used different styles giving preference to Renaissance and Baroque. The main staircase decorated with columns of gray granite with white marble bases and capitals is one of the most interesting interiors. The Dancing Hall also very beautiful with its korinf columns. The original decoration was partly kept in the former Parade waiting-room, Dining room, Study and some other rooms. The interior of the Palace Church had a very complex decoration, while outside it had a ringing tower with a special dome.
The service buildings joined to the Nikolaevsky Palace from the East and occupied the whole block. All together they made a complete architectural complex despite some big differences in facade decorating. The five-domed hipped roof of Blagoveshchenskaya Church located near the palace toned with its Renaissance forms of the main facade for it also had some Renaissance motives. The palace and the Church defined the view of a wide square, that was formed to the South from metal Blagoveshchensky Bridge across the Neva River opened in 1850.
In 1895 the Nikolaevsky Palace came to house the Kseninsky Boarding School - a closed educational establishment for girls from noble families. In early 1918 the building was taken over by the Trade Union Council and renamed into the Palace of Labour. It caused the rebuilding and replanning of many rooms and the destruction of outside domes of the church. In 1929 the church was dismantled that helped to join the ensemble of the square situated in front of the palace. The Nikolaevsky Palace is a pearl of the architecture of St-Petersburg.
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World-known music festival "The Stars of the White Nights". Artistic director - Valery Gergiev (Mariinky (Kirov) Opera and Ballet)World-known music festival "The Stars of the White Nights".
Artistic director - Valery Gergiev (Mariinky (Kirov) Opera and Ballet)

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