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Pulkovo II International | Pulkovo I Domestic

Pulkovo II International Airport.

You will arrive here if you fly directly into St. Petersburg. A number of Western airlines as well as Aeroflot fly directly to St. Petersburg from major cities of Europe and North America. All these airlines have offices in downtown St. Petersburg and many have offices at the central office building of the Pulkovo II International Airport.

Located 17 km (10.6 miles) away from downtown, on the site of the original 1950s Leningrad Airport, it was renovated in the 1980s. The Arrivals area is in the left wing while Departures is in the right wing. (Click here to see a floor plan). Though Russianborder and customs officials are not the world's friendliest people, you should not have any problems unless you carry guns, drugs and other goods and substances forbidden for import into Russia, or bring multiple pieces of bulky luggage without knowing what's inside. It is also a good idea to check that you have a valid Russian visa.

You might arrange to be met by a taxi from one of the more respectable taxi services or by your local host/ tour organizer (if you are on a package tour you'll be met by a bus or a minibus).

To get to the city on your own:

- take bus #13 in front of the central office building. There are two stops. If you get on at the one nearer Arrivals, in 10-15 minutes the bus will take you to the Moskovskaya Metro Station, stopping near the Pulkovskaya Hotel (Ploschad Pobedy 1) en route. If you get on at the stop nearer Departures, the bus goes to the nearby suburb of Aviagorodok before returning to the airport and continuing to Moskovskaya Metro Station. The metro is not the last stop, but most people will get off the bus here. (Another hint: it is the first stop after a large square with a monument.)
- take a taxi, though any taxis hailed at the airport will probably cost you a fortune.

To reach Pulkovo II International Airport from the city:

- take metro to Moskovskaya (Line 2, Blue Line) Metro station (not Moskovskie Vorota), then cross the street in the underpass and take bus # 13 South. It is about 10-15 minutes ride to the airport. You need 1 ticket - talon to pay for the ride (more and more buses have conductors on board, so you might be able to pay in cash). Allow 10-20 minutes for waiting - which means arrive early.
- take one of shuttle minibuses (marked "T-13"). Tell the driver that you need Pulkovo II Airport - "Pulkovo Dva". And then pay for the ride.

Pulkovo II International airport map

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Pulkovo I Domestic Airport.

This airport is located 18 km (11.3 miles) away from the downtown and serves Moscow andmost other domestic destinations. If you are not a Russian citizen you will need theIntourist counter and lounge on the upper-level in the right wing of the building. Thereis a cafe and a duty free shop in the lounge area. When you walk into the lounge theDepartures area is to the right and Arrivals is to the left. The booking office is in thelobby.

Note that there's only paid parking immediately in front of the IntouristArrivals/Departures.

Don't be surprised to learn that the airport doesn't have the kind of gates that you are used to - a shuttle-bus will take you right to your plane.

You can arrange to be met at the airport by a taxi from one of the more expensive taxi services (click here for details) or by your local host/tour organizer. If you are on a package tour you'll be met by a bus or a minibus.

To get to the city on your own:

- take bus #39, which stops at the airport's lower level. It will take you to Moskovskaya Metro station, stopping across the square from the Pulkovskaya Hotel en route.
- take a taxi, which won't be cheap particularly in the evening or at night.

How to get to the Pulkovo I Domestic airport.

- Go to the Moskovskaya (not Moskovskie Vorota) Metro Station, cross the street via underpass and take bus #39 South. It will stop at the Pulkovskaya Hotel (at Ploschad Pobedy) en route. It is a 15 minute ride. Allow 10 to 20 minutes for waiting. You will pay $0.18 in tickets - talony pay to a cunductor.
- Take a taxi or ask a friend with a car to give you a ride

Pulkovo I Domestic airport map

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Please note that Express buses from the small Aeroflot office at Bolshaya Morskaya Ulitsa 13 are no longer in service.

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