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Medical care | Pharmacies

Medical care
Medical care | Medications | Medical emergencies and ambulance service | Medical evacuation | American Medical Center (AMC) | First Aid Points (around the clock)
Medical care
    Generally, the level of medical care in St. Petersburg is slightly lower that in most developed western countries. However, within Russia St. Petersburg is second only to Moscow and offers adequate treatment for most routine, and some emergency, treatment. Some major emergency treatments might require medical evacuation (e.g. to Finland).
    Western-quality medical treatment is available at the American Medical Center. The best choice in local treatment is Poliklinika #2 (Moskovsky Prospekt 22, tel.: 292-62-72) former clinic of choice of diplomatic staff and Gastello Hospital (Ulitsa Gastello 20, tel.: 291-79-60, 293-70-10). Your local poliklinika can handle many most routine treatments, but doctors and nurses won't speak foreign languages. Many tourist hotels have their own doctors (inquire at the front desk).

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    Many Western medications are now readily available from most local pharmacies. That includes many popular brand-name medicines (e.g. Coldrex, Panadol, Contac, Solpadeine, Clarityne, Children's Tylenol, etc.). Every good tourist hotel has a pharmacy kiosk. When visiting a Russian pharmacy ask the pharmacist for availability and suggestions. See Glossary/Medications for details.
    If you take any prescription medicines or some reasonably rare medications on a regular basis, you should bring an adequate supply of those with you. If you have a long-standing health problem such as asthma, diabetes, allergy, etc., please bring all necessary medications with you to avoid complications.
    Although you can often rely on an expensive full Western pharmacy at the American Medical Center and pharmacies throughout the city, you might choose to bring some familiar medicines with you in order to have a problem-free visit to St. Petersburg.

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Medical emergencies and ambulance service
    Calling a state-run ambulance is still free of charge, though the resources of this service are by far over-stretched. If you are at a hotel call the front desk, which in turn will call the necessary ambulance service. Russian speakers can call an ambulance from a private phone or payphone by dialing 03. Saying it's for a foreigner might help to get faster and better service. Tell the operator the exact street address, floor, apartment number and whether or not the front door has a code lock or other security system. If possible, tell the operator what seems to be the nature of the encountered health problem. It is a good idea for someone to go downstairs and meet the ambulance, especially if the front door of the building is locked.
    Private ambulances are available through the American Medical Center.

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Medical evacuation
    If your health problem cannot be treated in Russia, medical evacuation can be arranged either through the American Medical Center or through American Express office at Grand Hotel Europe (for cardholders only).

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American Medical Center (AMC)
    Address: Serpukhovskaya Ulitsa 10
    Metro: Tekhnologichesky Institut
    Telephone: 326-1730
    Fax: 326-1731
    Most experienced Western medical and dental teams in Russia. 24-hour emergency care for corporate and private AMC members. Full Western pharmacy. Sophisticated diagnostic and treatment facilities and a network of clinics in the CIS and Eastern Europe.
    Check out the new AMC's Managed Care Plan (all AMC services including hospitalization at a fixed, low monthly cost).

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First Aid Points (around the clock)
    Vasilievsky Island 51; tel: 323-09-84;
    ul. Gzhatskaya 3; tel: 534-47-39;
    ul. Komsomola 14; tel: 542-31-54;
    pr. Prosveshcheniya 53, block 2; tel: 558-27-56;
    ul. Kosinova 17; tel: 186-44-30;
    pr. Shaumyana 51; tel: 444-23-32;
    ul. Otvazhnikh 8; tel: 135-19-80;
    Moskovsky pr 87; tel: 298-45-96;
    pr. Kosmonavtov 35; tel: 299-03-28;
    ul. Novoselov 45; tel: 446-19-78;
    ul. Lva Tolstogo 6/8; tel: 234-57-72;
    ul generala Khruleva 7a; tel: 393-77-82;
    Malaya Konyushennaya ul. 2; tel: 311-43-96;
    ul Pravdy 18; tel: 315-21-58;
    Kavalergardskaya ul. 26; tel: 274-76-55;
    Budapeshtskaya ul. 3; tel: 109-61-30.
    The main first-aid point is at: Liteyny pr. 25; tel: 272-59-55.
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