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St.-Petersburg's coat of arms


The coats of arms of different Russian cities are existing since the XVI century. In 1672 the special code, containing 33 coats of arms of empires, prince's possessions and lands, forming the full emperor's title, was composed. Peter the Great established the special geroldmeister's office, designing the coats of arms including the city's. The count Fransisco Santi in 1724 designed the emblem for the standard of St.-Petersburg's regiment, created by the count Menshikov, who was the chief of it. On the red  field the golden scepter is placed with the crossed sea and river anchors on it. There is no surprise, that the emblem of this regiment became the coat of arms of St.-Petersburg and the whole St.-Petersburg's (Ingermanland's) province.

In 1728-1729  count B.K. fon Minikh composed the coat of arms code, where N 4 is the coat of arms of St.-Petersburg.In its description there are some special details: scepter is completed with the state coat of arms - two-headed eagle and above the shield the emperor's crown is placed. In 1730 this coat of arms code was approved by Anna Ioannovna. On May 7, 1780  Catherine II confirmed the existing coat of arms of St.-Petersburg with the special order.  In 1856 Alexander II approved the new version of Petersburg's coat of arms, designed by baron B.V.Kene. The difference was, that the shield of the coat of arms was crowned with the emperor's crown and blue ribbons of Andrei Pervozvanny's order, behind them two crossed scepters were placed, symbolizing the equality of two capitals - Petersburg and Moscow, the river's four-bladed anchor was replaced with the three-bladed. This changed coat of arms became the city and province's coat of arms.

In the start of the XX century in the table, including the state's coat of arms, the coats of arms of the provinces and regions of the European part of Russia, the coat of arms of St.-Petersburg has the form of the rectangular shield with the sharpening beneath.

The shield is crowned with the golden emperor's crown and is surrounded with the blue ribbon of Andrei Pervozvanny's order. On the red background of the shield the crossed anchors are situated: two-bladed sea anchor - to the left and three-bladed river anchor - to the right. The scepter with the two-headed eagle is placed on these anchors. The symbols of the coat of arms are utmostly simple: the crown means the belonging to the Russian Empire, scepter is the symbol of the capital, the anchors and the ribbon were the symbols of the city importance as the capital of the Russian fleet. When the initial name was returned to the city the importance of the coat of arms returned as well.

The Regulations on the coat of arms of St.-Petersburg was approved with the Resolution of the City Council on 6.09.1991.

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