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Sixteen people, unknown with each other, selected employing special procedure from several thousand those desiring, left for Panama, for the uninhabited island in the archipelago of bokas Dale by Thor. On the piece of land forgotten/lost in the ocean for heroes one must transfer heavy tests in order to secure final prize - 3.000.000 rubles. All these people know - will remain only one.

Before the debarkation to the island, the heroes they divide into two " tribes ". Now for them one must live together not one week in the severe/cruel competitive fight for the survival. Only two minutes to that are given, in order to take the necessary equipment and supplies from the ship. With all this the heroes must swim to the coast. If something sinks/drowns, replacements will not be. No completion/addition of supplies! Subsistence heroes must obtain themselves. To their services nature of paradisiacal island, with entire variety of its edible, and sometimes also poisonous animals and plants.

In each series for heroes one must participate in the struggle for " the inviolability " and in the struggle for " the gift to civilization ". After winning inviolability - tribe it remains on the island even by several days in the same composition, but if it loses - it leaves for the council of tribe. There, in the darkness of tropical forests/scaffolding, with the light/world of torches, for them one must banish one, the weakest, and possibly, and the strongest. A question is solved by secret voting, leading proclaims the name of that, who will leave it will home and forever lose the hope to secure 3.000.000. For each for that left it is necessary to for long break the head: why with it thus they did manage? Possibly, it did not help tribesman in the struggle or it was too weak and does create the obstacles for its tribe? But it can be, it too much will eat, either it does irritate those surrounding or it is too strong, and therefore it must be banished in order to remove competitor?

Prize in the struggle for the gift to civilization can barely facilitate life under the severe/cruel conditions of wild nature. In the desperate fight with the adjacent tribe the heroes can win matches (irreplaceable thing in the jungle), basket of fruits or fishing rod. In any event, any trifle from that, other peace/world, which remained daleko-daleko, will become paradisiacal gift.

When six heroes leave home, and only ten people will remain on the island, tribes will be combined and will be moved to the new place. Now for people it is necessary to anew obustraivat' way of life and to adjust relations with each other. There is only one small difference: from now on each is itself for itself. Now in the struggles wins not command, but only one person. Victory means that in this series on the council of tribe no one has the right to vote against it. When remain only two, those, whom they themselves banished and deprived hopes to 3.000.000, they will solve, who is worthy this prize.

Will remain only one! Last hero!

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Artistic director - Valery Gergiev (Mariinky (Kirov) Opera and Ballet)

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