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Adidas Salomon AG
General representation of adidas Salomon AG in Russia, Baltic countries and Mongolia.
AERONATC Hot-Air Ballooning in Russia
Welcome to the WWW-site of firm "Aeronatc" (Aeronautical Scientific And Technical Center). Here you may get acquainted with the list of our products and provided services, and also to glance in the world of aerostation.
"Atilla" Sport Club Complex
We offer classes in Karate, Ushu and Aerobics. Also you can spend nice time in sauna, get a massage, go to gym.
Autosport - Auto racing in Russia Page
Welcome to the "AutoRacing in Russia"! Here you'll find everything you want to know about the auto racing events in Russia: teams, drivers, championships, races. Everything from past, present and future!
Autosport - Cyber Club Formula-1
News, information, schedules, Grand Prix and more...
Autosport - Formula-1 Drivers Page
News, archives, drivers pages and more...
Autosport - Formula-1 from Russia with love
Home page by E. Soldatov.
Autosport - Master Rallye
Participants list. Master Rallye - Race : Day by day. The legs of Master Rallye. Final results.
News, Official, Paddock, Pitlane, Gallery, Links, Partners and more...
Baseball - Russian International Baseball Home Page
Baseball - Russian League Baseball Home Page
Welcome to the Russian League Baseball web site. Currently you can take a look at the final data for the 1997 and 1998 seasons, including standings, leaders, team-by-team stats and game scores. Keep on visiting these pages to see how the 1999 RL season unfolds.
Basketball - Paul's Basketball Page
Everything about Basketball, even slang!
Basketball - Russian Basketball Federation Official Home Page
News, events, facts, structure, calendar, results.
Bodybuilding in Russia
Useful information for beginners and advanced bodybuilders.
Bodybuilding - Power Station Clan
Source of powerlifting & bodybuilding information.
Caving & Climbing - "IRBIS" Outdoor, Alpine and Climbing Equipment Centre, St. Petersburg
Caving & Climbing - Moscow Caving Club Perovo
Caving & Climbing - Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Physics Mountain Club
Caving & Climbing - Speleoclub "Barrier" of Moscow Physical-Technical Institute
Caving & Climbing - "Teoriya" (Theory)
Crazy Rollers Club Ekaterinburg Unit
Russian Federation of Roller Sport's - Crazy Rollers Club: New technology. In-line hockey. Crazy Rollers Club list. Mini-rollerdrom. Old constructions. Roller tutorial.
Cycling - Moscow Cycling Club "CARAVAN"
Cycling - Moscow Mountain Biking "VELOZONA"
Cycling - Races of Russia Home Page
Cycling - "Veloklub" (Cycle Club), Moscow
Diving & Scuba -  "AKVANAVT" Moscow Diving Club
Diving & Scuba - DIVE (Nyriay) Electronic Magazine for Divers
Very comprehensive page. Training, diving tips, personal profiles, news, equipment, chat room, web conference and more.
Diving & Scuba - St. Petersburg Federation of Diving Instructors
Diving & Scuba - TETIS Underwater Sports
Diving & Scuba - Underwater Diving Russian Web Site
Extreme International Parachute Actions 1998-1999
"Extreme Russia" Extreme Sports Home Page
Betting company accepts your bets on soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis, auto racing etc.
Fencing - Moscow VEGA Fencing Club
Competitive Highlights, Personal Data, photographs.
Figure Skating - Journal of Russian Figure Skating
Figure Sakting - Russian Figure Skating Unofficial Home Page
Figure Skating - The Super Page of Elena Sokolova
This is the site dedicated to Elena Sokolova who is a figure skater from Moscow, Russia. She is a very beautiful young skater. She became a household name when she started to play at the Olympic Games at Nagano'98.
Fishing & Hunting - "OKHOTNIK" Hunting Page
Fly Fishing Arctic Russia for Atlantic Salmon
Fly Fishing the Yoganka River, Kola Peninsula
Football (Soccer) - "Anzhi" Makhachkala Football Club
Football (Soccer) - Arsenal Tula Football Club Unofficial Home Page
Football (Soccer) - "Asmaral Moscow" Football Club Unofficial Home Page
Football (Soccer) - CAMEL-RATING of European Football Clubs
Football (Soccer) - Dinamo Moscow Football Club Unofficial Home Page
Football (Soccer) - Dynamo Moscow Ultra Fans Official Site
Football (Soccer) - "Fakel Voronezh" Unofficial Home Page
News, calendar, members of the team, ICQ-list and more by Andrey Sanchenko.
Football (Soccer) - Lokomotiv Fun Club
Football (Soccer) - Lokomotiv Unofficial Home Page
Hot news, thousands of photos, comprehensive history, detailed statistics, files on players and coaches, guestbook DEPO, fan chat, audiofragments of press conferences, videogoals, PDF-booklets, on-line match broadcast, match reports within several hours from the largest sport prints. Why we love/hate Borman (Valery Ovchinnikov - the smartest Russian football man). RBDivers community, the best from cool guestbooks. Nizhny Novgorod sport links.
Football (Soccer) - Metallurg Lipetsk Football Club Unofficial Home Page
Football (Soccer) - Moscow Fidonet Football Team "Porter"
Football (Soccer) - Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistical Foundation Soviet and Post-Soviet Archive
Football (Soccer) - Red-White Club from Russian Saints
Football (Soccer) - Russian Football Home Page
Football (Soccer) - Russian Football Pictures
Football (Soccer) - Russian National Cerebral Palsy Soccer Team Official Home Page
Football (Soccer) - Russian Professional Football League Home Page
Football (Soccer) - Russian Soccer Page by Konstantin Buzmakov
Football (Soccer) - Russian Soccer Prediction League
Football (Soccer) - Russian Soccer Teams
Football (Soccer) - Saturn-Rama Football Club
Football (Soccer) - "Selenga" Football Club, Ulan-Ude
Football (Soccer) - Seva's Russian Football Page
Football (Soccer) - "SKA Khabarovsk" Professional Football Club
Football (Soccer) - "Smena" (Change) Youth Football Team, St. Petersburg
Football (Soccer) - SOCCER FANtasy LEAGUE
Football (Soccer) - Spartak Moscow Internet Supporters Site
Football (Soccer) Spartak Moscow - Mark's Page
Football (Soccer) - Spartak Moscow Unofficial Home Page
Football (Soccer) - Spartak Moscow Home Page by Dmitriy Blaginin
Football (Soccer) - Spartak Moscow Unofficial Home Page by Oleg Komlyakov
Football (Soccer) - Who is Who in Russian Football Page
Football (Soccer) - WWW.FOOTBALL.RU
Football (Soccer) - "Zenit" (Zenith) Football Club, St. Petersburg
Golf - Moscow City Golf Club
Golf - St. Petersburg Golf Federation
Gymnastica - "All Things Dina": The Dina Kochetkova Fanatic Page
Gymnastics - Czarina of the Bars-The Svetlana Khorkina Worship Page
Gymnastics - DanGym - New Fitness Idea
This site is about fitness-idea of Dancing gymnastics (DanGym) which is a system of creatively developing of coordination of movements on the basis of modern dances + physical preparation.
Gymnastics - Dina Kotchetkova Fan Page
Gymnastics - Grosheva Yelena - Unofficial Home Page
Gymnastics - Kovalyova's Kingdom - An Unofficial Anna Kovalyova Website
Gymanstics - Novgorod "Pinokkio" Cup Page
Gymnastics - Photography Home Page
Gymnastics - Russian Gymnastics Page by Vladimir Gurov
The Russian Gymnastics site. Contains photos, interviews, links. For the fans of the sport.
Gymnastics - Tribute to Russian & Former Soviet Gymnasts
Hockey - Russian Style Hockey
Hockey - Sibsel'mash-Metallurg Ice Hockey Club, Novosibirsk
Hockey - Spartak Hockey Club, Moscow
Hockey - The Red Machine - Russian Players in the National Hockey League
Hockey - Torpedo Hockey Club, Yaroslavl
Hockey - Women's Hockey in Russia Page
InfoSport Sport Information Server of Russia
Martial Arts - All-Russian Martial Art Federation Official Home Page
Martial Arts - American Academy for Russian Martial Art
Martial Arts - American Annex to the Russian Federation of Russian Martial Art
Martial Arts - Budo Group Martial Arts Equipment, Moscow
Martial Arts - Club "Karat", Serov
Club "Karat". Kyokushinkai-Kan Karate-Do. History, Photo and Other.
Martial Arts - CHINSHUAIDA Chinese Kung-Fu Martial Arts School
Martial Arts - Eastern Combat Foundation "SEGUN"
Martial Arts - Ekaterinburg KWON Sports Club
Ekaterinburg KWON Sports Club - Taekwon-Do. Schools, schedule, theory, news.
Martial Arts - International Budo Kaikan
Saint-Petersburg federation of karate Budokai (IBK).
Martial Arts - International Eurasian Aikido Federation
Martial Arts - International Slavic Martial Arts Union "Kolo"
Martial Arts - "Kempo-Society Budo" Martial Arts Club
Martial Arts - Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do Russia
Martial Arts - Krasnodar Aikido Federation
Martial Arts - Moscow Aiki Club
Very elaborate page, a lot of information about different types of oriental martial arts, history of Japan. Also psychological aspects of this sport, personal experience and much more.
Martial Arts - Moscow Ashihara Karate Foundation
Martial Arts - Nizhny Novgorod Kaiko Dojo Club
Martial Arts - Oyama Karate Home Page
Martial Arts - Petrozavodsk Sports Club "Shokotan Karate-Do"
Martial Arts - Russian Aikido Federation
Martial Arts - Russian Martial Art by Vladimir Vasiliev
Martial Arts - Russian Shito-Ryu Karatedo Federation
Martial Arts - Russian Tomiki Aikido Federation
Martial Arts - "Sambo-70" Club Home Page
Martial Arts - Shaolin Martial Arts Association of Russia
Martial Arts - St. Petersburg Aikido Federation
Martial Arts - Togliatti Martial-Art Wing-Chun Kung-Fu Federation Home Page
Martial Arts - Warrior (Voin)
All styles and systems of Russian Martial Arts. History, philosophy, methods, descriptions. Hand-to-hand fighting. The Way of Warrior. Links.
Moscow Dance Sport Association
Moscow Paintball Club "Borodino"
Information about club, news, how to play and much more...
Moscow Paintball Club "Vityazi"
Information about club, news, how to play and much more...
Paragliding - Club "Kondor"
Do you like to fly? Kamchatkas paragliding club "Kondor" now on the net. Photos, info.
Paragliding - Vector
Paraglider is your wings! The first paragliding flight school in Moscow - "Vector" brings you the ability to fly on your own! Discover a new meaning of life!
POOL - Billiard Sport in Russia
Recreation and Sport in Russia Online
Russian FunBoarding Association
Russian National Olympic Team
Russian Olympic Committee
Russian Orienteering Federation Official Home Page
Russian Outdoor Life On-Line Magazine "RISK"
Sailing - International Baltic Regatta Page
Sailing - "Kapitan Klub" (Capitan Club) Marine Magazine
Sailing - WWW.YACHTING.RU Yachting in Russia Server
Sailing - Yacht Club "Istok", Irkutsk
Yacht Club "Istok" was established in 1980 with the idea to spend a good time, to stay healthy and be happy!
Sailing - Yachtman Agency
Skiing - "Kant" Sport Club
Skiing - Russian Ski Magazine
Skiing - Virtual Ski
Skydiving - DROP ZONE Skydiving in Russia
Skydiving - Russia Skydiving
SportMaster Retail Network of Specialized Stores
"Sport-Prim" Magazine
St. Petersburg Sporting Technology Convention
St. Petersburg Sportive Wushu Federation
Swimming - Alexander Popov - The Russian Rocket
"Here is a man born to Olympus, so much does he resemble Greek gods and heroes: part Adonis, for his striking good looks; part Hermes, for his speed. The 24-year-old Russian who trains in Australia won the 50-and-100-meter gold medals in 1992 and is favored to became the first man to win back-to-back titles in the 100 since Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller) in 1924-28.
Swimming - The Aleksandr Popov Web Page
An up-to-date and complete web page devoted to the sprint king, Aleksandr Popov.
Tennis - Andrei Medvedev
The best Ukrainian tennis player official website - biography, pictures, contact with Andrei, results, statistics, comments, news, links. Updated daily.
Tennis - Anna Kournikova Page
Tennis - Anna Kournikova World Fan Club
Tennis - Joel's Anna Kournikova Page
Tennis - Kafelnikov Yevgeny Fan Page
Tennis - Moscow Kremlin Cup
Tennis - St. Petersburg Open Tennis Championship
Track and Field - All Russia Athletic Federation
General Representation of ARAF. Calendar of competitions, results of competitions, news and more...
Track and Field - Atlas Athletics Association Home Page
Atlas is growing quickly and has become one of the most prestigious sports organizations in Russia, representing elite athletes on a global basis.
Treasure-Sport Federation
Kladsport Federation. Tournament "HUNS' SARCOPHAGUSES".  World Luck Championship. Free admission for 100 players from each country.
Urmanov Alexei Fan Page
Virtual - Association of Virtual Sport
Whitewater Festival
Windsurfing in Russia Page
Windsurfing - "Zerkalo Vetra", also Funboarding & Ice and Snow Sailing
Wrestling - Solovev Viktor Home Page
This site is dedicated to the early 20th century Russian wrestler and strongman Viktor Solovev.
Wrestling - VMC's Wrestling Page
For all your WWF updates, news, WWF History and all you will ever need to know about the WWF!
Russia Guide
t o p   o f   p a g e  
Complete playbill of all St. Petersburg,Russia theatres, shows, concerts, etcComplete playbill of all St. Petersburg,Russia theatres, shows, concerts, etc. !
World-known music festival "The Stars of the White Nights". Artistic director - Valery Gergiev (Mariinky (Kirov) Opera and Ballet)World-known music festival "The Stars of the White Nights".
Artistic director - Valery Gergiev (Mariinky (Kirov) Opera and Ballet)

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