Russian software
PROject MT Company
PROject MT company is specialized in the development of computer-aided translation systems for the main European languages. PROjectMT Machine Translation System will help you at work, in the Internet, at home.
Russian software
Russian Software Digest
We provide online resource of more than 100,000 computer products, top 1,000 manufacturers and 6,000 software of 400 languages.
Russian TransHub
Includes directories of translators homepages, CVs, translation services and resource center.
Russian software
Socrat Translator
Professional translating system translates texts from English on Russian and Russian to English, automatically considering themes of text.
Russian software
Machine-translation system STYLUS provides smooth translation with a speed up to one standard page per sec. 85% of any translated text can be used without post-editing.
Russian software
World Language Resources
Currently, we have 951 languages listed. We have products available for 726 languages.
Russian software
Word Translator for Windows
Word Translator for Windows: English to Russian is a bilingual, bi-directional word/phrase dictionary and translation program.
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