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Russian dance
Aptechka Bibliomana
Collection of biographic summaries and links to texts of the authors of the new Russian literature.
Russian dance
Berdichevski's Electronic Library
News, information, links.
Russian dance
Brodsky - Brodsky on the Net - Links
At this page you will not find all occurrences of "Joseph Brodsky" webwide. Only the most relevant sites are listed - ones containing unique texts by or about Brodsky, his poems, photographs, video and audio material.
Russian dance
Brodsky - Charles Seluzicki Fine and Rare Books
Russian dance
Brodsky - Major Poetry and Fiction - Obituaries - Extensive links
This page was set up in his memory. It contains all morsels of his poetry and all Brodsky-related websites I found.
Russian dance
Brodsky - Special Issue of Zvezda (1997, no.1)
Special issue dedicated to I. Brodsky.
Russian dance
Bulgakov, Mikhail- Paul Roquet's Page
Books, links.
Russian dance
Bunin - Archive
All archives are ZIP-compressed files.
Carla Uriona's Russian Literature Page
Comprehensive, evolving list of Russian and Soviet-era literature. Focus on works available in English translation. Includes over 400 titles, with information on translations, editions, publishing houses and references to other works.
Russian dance
Dostoevsky - Bibliography (Middlebury College)
Books about Dostoevsky in English in Middlebury College Library (annotations courtesy of RU351 students spring 1996).
Russian dance
Dostoevsky - Complete Works - Petrozavodsk State University
Concordances of complete works, canonic texts, Center of Dostoevsky studies.
Russian dance
Dostoevsky and Existentialism Sites
Notes From Underground, DostoyevskyWebSite, Crime & Punishment Page, DostBiblio, Dost & Phil, The World of Dost, Dost Pictures & Info, Dostoevsky Page, Dost Links, DostoevskySite.
Russian dance
Dostoevsky House-Museum
If you want to get an idea of Dostoevsky's world, read his books. If you want to see a clean apartment with tacky wallpaper and a few not-so-interesting pieces of Dostoevsky memorabilia, spend the twenty minutes it takes to cruise through here.
Dostoevsky - List of works in English (Online or files)
Brothers Karamazov . Crime and Punishment . Notes from Underground . Double . Insulted and Injured . Gentle Spirit . Crocodile . Dream of Ridiculous Man . Bobok . Peasant Marey . Little Orphan . Articles.
Russian dance
Dostoevsky - Notes from the Underground - Kant's Aesthetics
This paper has been circulated in the Newsletter of the Society for Russian Religious Philosophy, 1, Spring 1995, 11-19. Copyright (c) David A. Goldfarb, 1995. This material is offered here only for personal, classroom and scholarly use, but not for republication.
Russian dance
Dostoevsky - The World of Dostoevsky (links)
Works in Russian, English translations, museums and cities.
Russian dance
Enstein's Virtual Library of Russian Texts
Culture, religion, mythology, philosophy and more.
Russian dance
Futurism: Manifestos and Other Resources
Futurism was an international art movement founded in Italy in 1909. It was (and is) a refreshing contrast to the weepy sentimentalism of Romanticism.
Russian dance
Gallery of Russian Poets
Pictures only.
Russian dance
Literary Tour of Moscow
Welcome to literary virtual tour of Moscow. You will see Pushkin, Bulgakov, Tolstoy.
Russian dance
Master of Russian Prose (Computer Fund Archives)
Welcome to the Archives of The Computer Fund of Russian Language. Select from the list of authors.
Russian dance
Mayakovsky - Life and Art (Mishinka's Museum)
Poems, art, his life...
Russian dance
Moshkow's Virtual Library of Russian Texts
The most complete Internet-Library of Russian texts.
Russian dance
Pasternak, Boris - Biography
ike many Russian intellectuals of his time, Boris Pasternak lived a life of fear and insecurity. As a poet in post - revolutionary Soviet Russia, he had to walk a very delicate line between obeying the dictates of the all-encompassing State and those of his own artistic conscience.
Russian dance
Peskin's Virtual Library of Russian Texts
Public Library by Eugene Peskin.
Russian dance
Poetry - Page by Valerij Sologubenko
Escape from Russia. Short history of my life in text and photos. INOSTRANEC: Zapiski emigranta. Poetry.
Russian dance
Pushkin - Secret Journal (1836-37)
The most scandalous book in Russian Literature. Published in 16 languages. By M.I.P. Publishers.
Russian dance
Pushkin - The City and its Environs
Located twenty-five kilometers south of St. Petersburg, the town of Pushkin, originally called Tsarskoye Selo, came into existence when Catherine I built a little surprise palace here for her husband, Peter the Great.
Russian dance
"Risunok Akvarelyu"
Antique literature, silver age (serebryannyi vek), samizdat. Writer profiles, biographies, literary texts - a very unique collection.
Russian Literature Archive
Magazines, catalogs, dictionaries, collections.
Russian dance
Russian Poetry Square - 20th Century Masters
Coming soon: Alexander Vvedensky, Nikolaj Zabolotsky, Ruboko Sho. Here you got the poems in UNIX encoding: Daniil Kharms, Kari Unksova, Vladimir Strochkov, Bakhyt Kenzheyev, Julia Genyuk, Alexej Kruchenykh, Tanikava Suntaro, Velimir Khlebnikov.
Russian dance
Serafim Yhvah
Spiritual Guidance - excerpts from the book "Exit..."
Russian dance
Shalamov Page
'Authorial,' Lyric and Narrative Voices in Varlam Shalamov's Kolymskie rasskazy: A close reading of 'Sententsiia' .  Photograph, Varlam Shalamov, 1965.  Bibliography of Shalamov-Related Materials. Introduction to my Master's Thesis, Varlam Shalamov's Kolymskie rasskazy: The Problem of Ordering. Abstract of my Master's Thesis.
Russian dance
Page of Sergey Mikhailov, Friedrich Nietzsche, Yuri Mamleev.
Russian dance
Solzhenitsyn - Biography, Articles and Links
ALEKSANDR ISAEVICH SOLZHENITSYN - 1970 Nobel Laureate in Literature for the ethical force with which he has pursued the indispensable traditions of Russian literature. Background and more...
Russian dance
Solzhenitsyn - Katharena Eiermann's site
"If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart."
Russian dance
Soviet Literature, 1917-1953 - Bibliography, Images, Authors, Links
Soviet Literature, 1917-1953. Pages: Introduction to this Page, History, Bibliography, Images, Authors, Critical Commentary, Links to Other Sources.
Russian dance
Teneta - Russian On-Line Literary Society
News, information, Competition in Russian virtual literature.
Russian dance
Tolstoy - Last Days of Leo Tolstoy by Vladimir Chertkov
The Last Days of Leo Tolstoy by Vladimir Chertkov, Tolstoy's long-time personal  secretary, disciple and executor of his literary estate, is both a history, a chronicle of  Tolstoy's deathbed scene, and a story, a personal interpretation of that event in a literary  genre reminiscent of the Gospels.
Russian dance
Tolstoy - Anarchy Archive
Anarchy Archives - Leo Tolstoy: biography, bibliography, collected works, commentary.
Russian dance
Tolstoy - Links
This page is a part of Funet Russian Archive - Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy (1828 - 1910).
Russian dance
Tsvetaeva, Marina Ivanovna
Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva (the name is also transliterated as Tsvetayeva, Tzvetaeva or Cvetaeva) is considered by many to be one of the greatest Russian poets of the twentieth century.
Russian dance
Victor Maximov
Victor Maximov: literature and poetry of the new era.
Russian dance
Virtual Library of Science Fiction
The catalog of Russian Science Fiction literature.
Russia Guide
t o p   o f   p a g e  
Complete playbill of all St. Petersburg,Russia theatres, shows, concerts, etcComplete playbill of all St. Petersburg,Russia theatres, shows, concerts, etc. !
World-known music festival "The Stars of the White Nights". Artistic director - Valery Gergiev (Mariinky (Kirov) Opera and Ballet)World-known music festival "The Stars of the White Nights".
Artistic director - Valery Gergiev (Mariinky (Kirov) Opera and Ballet)

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