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Beard's Interactive Russian Reference Grammar
Preliminaries, The Russian Verb, The Russian Noun, The Russian Adjective, The Russian Pronoun, The Russian Preposition, The Russian Conjunction, Language Learning Support.
Boyan - Russians' Poetic Speech
Modern Folklore and Colloquial Music by Andre Broido, Jana Kutin, Yakov Broido.
Institute of Linguistics and Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures
ILASLL is located on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota. The Institute is the academic home of 15 full-time faculty who do research and teach about a broad range of related disciplines: general linguistics; applied linguistics, especially learning second (or "foreign") languages; and several of the languages and literatures of the vast land mass that runs from Eastern Europe to East Asia.
Journal of Slavic Linguistics (JSL)
Welcome to the JSL homepage. Currently, you will find information and abstracts for all our published volumes (through 6.2). We are working on 7.1 and plan to publish it soon after the new year.
Russian religion
Kodeks - German Slavic Server
Kodeks - the online information server for teaching and learning medieval Slavic languages.
Russian universities
Language School - Brasshouse Language Center
Brasshouse is the City of Birmingham's specialist center for language courses and related services, a center of excellence with many years' tradition of quality provision. Our thriving Russian department caters for individuals, groups and companies from beginners to degree levels. We also run Russian Weekends, Saturday Schools and operate a lively Russian club. For those who can't come to Brasshouse we organize Distance Learning packages.
Russian universities
Language School - Homepage Ger and Masha Tolner & "Russky Club"
"Russky Club" in the Netherlands.
Language School - Liden and Denz Language School in St. Petersburg
The Liden and Denz Russian language school provides following Russian language courses in St.Petersburg: Russian lessons for individuals and groups - summer study abroad programs - business Russian, classes for the new state exam Russian as a Foreign Language etc. Students stay with host-families or in our residence hall. Cultural program provided.
Language School - Middlebury College Russian School
Russian School has created an extraordinary learning experience that prepares students to use Russian in meeting the needs and opportunities of the contemporary world. Today, as new openness and rapid change within Russia stimulate  a remarkable growth in opportunities for people with language training and complementary skills, the Russian School is a diverse and exciting place to be.
Language School - Moscow Institute Basic Language Courses
Elementary Russian, all language courses are taught exclusively in Russian. Survey courses are slower-paced than their intensive equivalents but focus on essentially the same material.
Language School - Summer Literary Seminars in St. Petersburg
Faculty and Writers-in-Residence, About St. Petersburg, About the Program, Housing & Facilities, Costs & Deadlines, How to Apply, FAQ.
Language School - SupremeLearning - American English
Americanize your English and learn how to learn fast, with the one-and-only SupremeLearning (TM) techniques developed by world-renound educator Michael Shestor. Remodel your phonetics, accent, spelling, spoken and written speech. Drastically improve your memory, listening comprehension, and typing!
Language School - Ziegler & Partner
Russian language courses in Moscow at the famous Lomonosov-University and general information about traveling in Russia and the Trans-Siberian.
Minority languages of Russia on the Net
A list of web resources on the regional and minority languages of Russia.
Mitrevski's Russian Tutor
Learn to read Russian, Grammar tutorials - Short tutorials on Russian grammar topics with links to exercises, Grammar exercises - Grammar exercises that can be used independently of the tutorials.
Russian NLP server. "Neuro-linguistic programming" studies the structure of people's concept and understanding of the world.
Princeton Transliteration Table for Russian
Slavic Cataloging Manual, Russian Transliteration Table.
Russian Alphabet - Berlitz
Please click on any row for which you would like to hear the Russian pronunciation.
Russian Alphabet and Phonetic Exercises
Russian Alphabet and Some Phonetic Exercises. Use codepade 1251 (Russian for Windows) and Netscape 3.0 or higher.
Russian Alphabet - Gurov's Page
Russian Alphabet page. Link to Russian Gymnastics.
Russian Alphabet - Viktor's Page
This page contains an extensive list of Russia and Ukraine related links, and some information regarding ActiveX development, including Russian Alphabet Learning program.
Russian Language and Literature Web Site - Links
Gateways to collections of resources, News, Bibliography, Libraries and Archives...some examples. 
RussNet - Professional Teaching Resources and Programs
RussNet, the Russian Language Network, is a national Russian-language field recourse center. RussNet will provide Russian-language learning services and products - information, language modules, courses, materials, in-service teacher education, databases, discussion forums, and gateways to other Russian-language recourses.
Shileyko's Proverbs and Sayings
Russian proverbs and sayings.
Shtefan's Russian Tutor
Conversations in Russian.
Slavic and East European Journals and Organizations
Links to journals and organizations.
University of Hawaii - National Foreign Language Resource Center
Sample strategy-based reading Lesson in Russian, Objectives, Explanation of reading activities, Description of reading strategies, Sample lesson.
Russia Guide
t o p   o f   p a g e  
Complete playbill of all St. Petersburg,Russia theatres, shows, concerts, etcComplete playbill of all St. Petersburg,Russia theatres, shows, concerts, etc. !
World-known music festival "The Stars of the White Nights". Artistic director - Valery Gergiev (Mariinky (Kirov) Opera and Ballet)World-known music festival "The Stars of the White Nights".
Artistic director - Valery Gergiev (Mariinky (Kirov) Opera and Ballet)

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