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Akhmatova - Selected Poems
Blok - Pushkinskomu domu
Blok - Selections
Blok - The Twelve
Books of Russia - Online Russian Books
Brodsky - Complete Works (in progress)
Brodsky - Selected poems (including 20 sonnets)
Brodsky - Selections
Brodsky - Stikhi raznikh let
Russian science technology
Bryansk Regional Scientific Library
Bryansk Regional Scientific Library. Ability of search in the e-catalogue.
Bulgakov - Major Works
Bulgakov - Master and Margarita
Bulgakov - Sobachie Serdtse
Bunin - Archive
Bunin - Selections
Chekhov - Four Plays
Chekhov - Lady with a Dog
Chekhov - Plays (Kuhn's site)
Chernyshevsky - Chto delat'
Dostoevsky - Brothers Karamazov
Dostoevsky - Crime and Punishment
Dostoevsky - Diadiushkin son
Dostoevsky - Dream of a Ridiculous Man
Dostoevsky - Gambler
Dostoevsky - Idiot
Dostoevsky - Insulted and the Injured
Dostoevsky - Major and minor works
Dostoevsky - Major works
Dostoevsky - Malen'kii geroi
Dostoyevsky - Notes from the House of the Dead
Dostoevsky - Possessed (The Devils)
Dostoevsky - Several works
Dostoevsky - Stories
Dostoevsky - Village of Stepanchikovo
Dostoevsky - Works in Russian (links)
Electronic library of fiction, classic & technical books /publications in Russian
Search book by key-word or/and author. Other useful links.
Enstein's Virtual Library of Russian Texts
Erinets, S.
Erofeev - Several works
Galich - Two works
Gogol - Myortvye dushi (tom 1)
Gogol - Notes of a Madman
Gogol - Petersburgskie Povesti
Gogol - Revizor
Gogol - Selected Works
Gogol - The Nose
Gogol - The Overcoat
Gogol - The Portrait
Gogol - Vechera na Khutore...
Goncharov - Oblomov
Ilf and Petrov - Twelve Chairs
Kharms - Selections
Khlebnikov - Selections
Lermontov - Hero of Our Time
Lermontov - Major works
Leskov - Major works
List F&P Russian/NIS Literature Resources
Mandelshtam - Selections
Mandelshtam - Tristia - Manuscript (U of Virginia)
Michailov - Nietszsche (Skrizhali)
Moshkow's Virtual Library of Russian Texts
Pasternak - Major volumes of poetry
Pasternak - Poems - My Sister Life
Pavlov, S. I. - Several works
Pelevin, V. - Several works
Peskin's Virtual Library of Russian Texts
Pisemsky - Troubled Seas
Platonov - Kotlovan
Platonov - Major works
Pushkin - Major works
Pushkin - Onegin (Complete File)
Pushkin - Onegin, Poems, Fairytales, Prose
Pushkin - Poems, Prose, Fairytales
Pushkin, A.S.
Pushkin - Selections - Gould's Translations
Pushkin - Working Notebooks
Ratushinskaya - Poems
"Risunok Akvarelyu"
Antique literature, silver age (serebryannyi vek), samizdat. literary texts - a very unique collection.
Russian Literary Texts (by author) at Oregon State University
Russian Literary Texts (by title) at Oregon State University
Saltykov-Shchedrin - Gospoda Golovlevy
Saltykov-Shchedrin - Istoria odnogo goroda
Shvartz - Drakon
Solzhenitsyn - Gulag Archipelago
Solzhenitsyn - text
Works of Soviet Literature summarized; author biographies. Classics, socialist realism, spy stories, science fiction, humor, children's stories, etc.
Strugatskii Brothers - Major works
T. Tolstaya - An Interview
Teneta Russian On-Line Literary Society
Tolkien - Russian Translation
Tolkien - Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion
Tolstoy - Anna Karenina
Tolstoy - Anna Karenina
Tolstoy - Banya
Tolstoy - Childhood and Early Manhood
Tolstoy - Childhood, Adolescence, Young Manhood
Tolstoy - Major works
Tolstoy - Tolstoy Library - Major works
Tolstoy - Tolstoy Studies Journal
Tolstoy - War and Peace
Tolstoy - War and Peace
Tsuji's Waseda Collection - Authorization required
Tsvetaeva - Selections
Turgenev - Asya
Turgenev - Fathers and Sons
Turgenev - Gentry's Nest
Turgenev - Major works
Turgenev - Rudin
Virtual Library of Science Fiction
Voinovich - Zhizn' i ...Ivana Chonkina
Yesenin - Lyrics
Yesenin - Selections
Russia Guide
t o p   o f   p a g e  
Complete playbill of all St. Petersburg,Russia theatres, shows, concerts, etcComplete playbill of all St. Petersburg,Russia theatres, shows, concerts, etc. !
World-known music festival "The Stars of the White Nights". Artistic director - Valery Gergiev (Mariinky (Kirov) Opera and Ballet)World-known music festival "The Stars of the White Nights".
Artistic director - Valery Gergiev (Mariinky (Kirov) Opera and Ballet)

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