ArArAt-plant in St. Petersburg offers high quality Armenian Brandy "Noy", "Ararat-15", "Ararat-12", "Ararat-10" and "Ararat-3", red wines "Ararat". We use Kakhet, Mskhali and Voskeat grapes from Ararat Valley.
Russian industry
Our basic activity are the manufacture of components, sale, maintenance and repair of tractors, bulldozers and other tractor machines of industrial and agricultural purpose.
Russian industry
BIS-N Company
BIS-N Company manufactures computer furniture.
Russian industry
Manufacturing/Research Company Diatech is a world leader in diagnostic technologies, specializing in capacity calculation of oil and gas pipelines, water pipes, caldrons, loading machines. We are fully licensed by the Russian Government agencies and LLoyd Register.
Russian manufacture
ESCORT LTD. Petroleum, Gas and Chemical Industry Equipment Manufacturing
Oil-field equipment. The equipment for oil and gas processing. Pipe steel frame and more.
Russian manufacture
Kanglong Shoes Co. Ltd.
We are one of largest shoes factory in China, and produce middle or high-class and genuine leather shoes. For example, cotton shoes, leather shoes, sandal, boots etc. High quality and fashionable style are character of our product. Especially our prices are very competitive in market. Annual output is more than 2 billion pairs.
Russian manufacture
Konakovo Faience Factory
Konakovo Faience Factory is the biggest faience tableware production in Russia.
LADA - Newest Models
The newest models of the Russian cars LADA. On this page are presented the last models of cars LADA and NIVA. These modern, reliable and inexpensive cars are produced in Russia (city Togliatti, Joint-Stock company "AvtoVAZ").
"Likonf" Confectionery Factory, Lipetsk
Lipetsk Confectionery Factory was founded in 1966 and does business with 3000 businesses across Russia.
Russian industry
Lipetsk Tractor Plant
Characteristics, area of application, description, price and other information on tractors of manufacture by Lipetsk Tractor Plant.
Russian manufacture
Majestic Distilling Company
Maryland's oldest independent distillery.
Russian manufacture
Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant
Mil helicopters. News. History. Sale. Publication. Contacts.
Russian manufacture
Moscow Furniture Factory "Rus"
From natural and ecologically pure pine-tree wood we are manufacturing high quality furniture.
Russian manufacture
OSEM - food from Israel
For East Europe we can offer various kosher food-stuffs produced by OSEM Israel.
Russian manufacture
PERCo - Access Control Equipment & Systems
The PERCo company has been in the access control equipment and systems market since 1988, and is at present one of the largest manufacturers of ACS in Russia and CIS countries. We offer prestigious advanced equipment for banks, offices, production facilities, administrative institutions, hotels, and retail stores, intended to ensure order, security, and stable functioning of your company.
Russian manufacture
"Ravioli-Plus" Manufacturing Company, St. Petersburg
Company manufactures frozen meet product. Delicious, nutritious, low price!
Russian manufacture
Russian Bread-making
Everything about bread-making: history, produce, equipment, exhibitions, recipes, museums, news etc.
Russian manufacture
Special Materials Ltd., Law Enforcement Equipment Manufacturer
We Manufacture a Wide Range of Equipment for Law Enforcement Professionals and Physical and Ballistic Attack Resistant Systems for Banks.
Russia Guide