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Russian legal services
"Advocat OnLine" Web Site of Attorney Sergei Bolmasov
All you want to know about business!!!
Russian consulting
ADVO - Project
Free Legal Consulting. Here you can get legal consulting and advices for free. Experienced lawyers from several Russian legal aid bureaus and consulting companies advise you!
Russian consulting
ALRUD Consulting Company
Legal and consulting activity. Consulting on taxation. Audit and accounting practices.
Russian legal services
Anatoly Bolsunovsky Attorney in Law, Moscow
Arbitration consulting, Preparation of documents for arbitration, Drawing up claims, Legal examination of claim documents, Recovering bank debts, Disputes concerning contracts of sale and purchase and more.  
Russian legal services
Andrej Sergeevitch Savitch, Attorney at Law, St. Petersburg
Advice, consultations; Lawsuits, complaints to be written and lodged to the Court; Drafts for agreements; Conducting the case in the Arbitrage; Conducting the case in the Court of General Jurisdiction; Preparation of documents for the court; Exaction of loss as a result of a road accident; Legal advice during the process of purchase of a flat; Legal Service for Enterprises.
Russian consulting
Besedin Avakov Tarasov & partners
Legal services in Russia and abroad. Property rights, contract law, corporate law, insolvency, international transactions, litigation and arbitration, international commercial arbitration. On@line advice.
Russian legal services
DIKS Co., Ltd. Legal Service Firm, Moscow
Business registration in Moscow.
Russian legal services
Eckstein & Partners, Moscow
Visa-Applications, Customs Clearance, Employment, Debt, Collection, Company Registration, Accreditation Trademark, Apartments.
Russian legal services
Freya Corporate Lawyers, Moscow
Welcome to Gamolin Quinn Vyzhlov, LLP, one of the leading law firms in Russia. Founded simultaneously in Wilmington, DE and Moscow, Russia in 1992 (then known as Freya Corporate Lawyers) with a focus to serve the transactional and day-to-day business needs of enterprises engaged in Russia-related business, GQV, LLP.
Russian legal services
Kalita Legal Consulting, Moscow
The company KALITA Legal Consulting provides the Customers with the specialized services related to legal advice, ensuring of business activity and complex of services to resolve complicated legal issues.
Russian legal services
Khaziev Shamil , Ph.D., Attorney at Law, Moscow
Immigration to USA, Conducting the case in the Court of General Jurisdiction.
Russian legal services
Law Center - Legal Firm, Moscow
If you want your business to be successful and stable, we can offer you a comprehensive and exhaustive information and full support for your enterprise. We will be happy to contribute to the defense of your interests and to work for your well-being and prosperity together!
Russian legal services
Law Firm "E.G. Tarlo & Partners", Moscow
The Firm is designed to serve the legal needs of Russian, as well as foreign persons and legal entities. The Firm specializes mainly in businessmen's rights protection and arbitration court cases.
Russian legal services
Law Office of Alexei Kupriyanov, Moscow
Legal advice by Alexei Kupriyanov.
Russian legal services
Legal Agency "Master", Moscow
The Firm serves the legal needs of businesses. Registration and advice.
Russian legal services
Legal Center "European Standard"
Firm registration, licenses, audit and bookkeeping.
Russian legal services
Legal Firm "AVENTA", Moscow
Joint Stock Company “Legal firm “AVENTA” will help you or your business right from the beginning!
Russian legal services
MEEST Immigration Services, Inc.
Immigration to Canada. Offering free on line consultations.  
Russian legal services
M.I.C.E. & Co. Legal Services, Moscow
"M.I.C.E. & Co." specializes in rendering legal support to large foreign investors and major domestic companies.
Russian legal services
"MODUS" Moscow Legal Firm
Should you intend running business in Russia, holding shares in Russian enterprises, acquiring real estate on the territory of Russian Federation or putting into effect other projects, our company is ready to involve itself with all the relevant legal issues.
Russian legal services
Moscow Business Consulting, Ltd
Audit services, Legal services, Investment consulting, Management consulting, Enterprise restructuring, Information support, Technology commercialization.
Russian legal services
Notary Office of Svetlana Alexandrovna Tupitskaya, Pyatigorsk
Notary service by Svetlana A. Tupitskaya.
Russian legal services
Pavel Astakhov Group of Attorneys, Moscow
What a good luck that you have addressed just to us! You will be completely satisfied, because we shall solve all of your problems. Our duty under the Law is to protect you and to help you!
Russian legal services
Russian Law Office of Alexandre Glouchenkov
Russian lawyers are ready to help you in wide range of complicated Russian legal matters.
Russian legal services
Russian-Ukrainian Legal Group
Welcome to the home page of the Russian-Ukrainian Legal Group, P.A. This site aims to provide you with information about our firm, the legal services we provide, our principals, and important legal developments in Russia and Ukraine.
Sergei N. Cherezov Economist-Lawyer, St. Petersburg
Sergei N. Cherezov (S.N.C.) is a general practitioner, business-savvy attorney, consultant with a particular emphasis on new foreign business start-ups in St. Petersburg. Associates and subcontractors are specializing in registration matters, corporate regulations, real estate, project development, taxation, banking, custom procedures and litigation.
Russian legal services
"Vash Yurist" (Your Lawyer), Moscow
All types of legal services, business and corporate law, 10% discount for the web-users.
Russian legal services
YUST - Specialized Legal Advice Bureau #6, Moscow
YUST offers its clients legal assistance in the following areas: foreign investment and joint ventures, including formation of representative offices, branches and subsidiaries; contracts; foreign economic transactions; taxation; privatization, purchase and sale of securities; insolvency/bankruptcy; real estate transactions; oil and gas deposit exploration agreements, projects related to other natural resources and more.
Russia Guide
t o p   o f   p a g e  
Complete playbill of all St. Petersburg,Russia theatres, shows, concerts, etcComplete playbill of all St. Petersburg,Russia theatres, shows, concerts, etc. !
World-known music festival "The Stars of the White Nights". Artistic director - Valery Gergiev (Mariinky (Kirov) Opera and Ballet)World-known music festival "The Stars of the White Nights".
Artistic director - Valery Gergiev (Mariinky (Kirov) Opera and Ballet)

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