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Russian museums
Art Gallery of Novosibirsk
Established in Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, 1957. The same year has put a start to creating a collection.
Russian museums
Art Museum of Nizhny Novgorod
The city art museum in Nizhny Novgorod was opened to the public in 1896. At first the collection was housed in one of the towers of the Nizhni Novgorod Kremlin.
Russian museums
Biographical and Pictorial Gallery of the Russian Nobility
Biographical & Pictorial archive of Russian Nobility - links.
Russian museums
Central Lenin Museum Page
After the August 1991 coup, the Central Lenin Museum simply closed down, "pending reconstruction." It remains closed. But visit our website to see the museum.
Russian museums
Fleischer Museum of American and Russian Impressionism
The paintings in the Fleischer collection are primarily American Impressionism, California School and Russian and Soviet Realism tempered by Impressionism. Scottsdale Arizona.
Russian museums
Kaluga Gallery
Paintings from 18, 19 and 20 centuries.
Russian museums
Lenin Mausoleum Official Home Page
General information, Lenin Mausoleum historical photos, Documents, Facts against fiction about so-called Lenin's will.
Russian museums
Manege, St. Petersburg
Exhibition Hall.
Russian museums
Moscow Museum and Art Gallery of Russian Impressionism
Our Museum and Art Gallery was founded in 1991. The Collection consists of some 300 works of Soviet Artists produced in the period 1920-1970.
Russian museums
Moscow Museum of Antique Cars and Motorcycles
Museum of antique automobiles and motorcycles in Moscow.
Russian museums
Moscow State Museum "Vadim Sidur"
Vadim Sidur (1924-1986) is one of the greatest Soviet artists and sculptors, "the Soviet Henry Moore" as Western journalists used to call him back in the seventies.
Russian museums
Museum-Panorama of the Borodino Battle
On this site you'll make the acquaintance of structure and composition of the Russian and French armies; you'll see some patterns of uniform and armament, portraits of commanders.
Russian museums
Museum of History of Moscow
Museum has in its disposal the unique collection, which exposes the Moscow’s history since ancient times to now. Archaeology collection, collection of imitative art’s materials, fund of negatives and many other funds can be found on this site. +
Russian museums
Museum of Peter the Great
Vologda. House-museum of Peter the Great. Some history. Visits of Peter the Great to Vologda. Peter the Great reforms.
Russian museums
Museums of Russia
Comprehensive site containing information about most Russian museums, galleries and cultural websites. Selected websites, CD disks collection, information for tourists...
Russian museums
Museum of Russian Beer Labels
Homepage by Lekher.
Russian museums
National Pushkin's Museum
The museum has the biggest collection of Pushkin's memorabilia.
Russian museums
Novgorod State United Museum
Veliky Novgorod is the oldest Russian city - the capital of the first Russian democratic republic. A large number of historical monuments of old Russian architecture from the 9th-17th centuries and old cultural traditions attract there numerous tourists.
Russian museums
Outsider Art Museum, Moscow
The first in Russia Outsider Art Museum. On this site you can learn much more interesting about new invention, marginal art, visionary art, intuitive art, native art, art of insane.
Russian museums
Pavlovsk Palace Museum and Park Unofficial Home Page
This site will take you through the background on the palace-park complex, to a visual/text tour of the palace and to various places in the park that will illustrate the formal, informal, and forest sections of the park and some of its pavilions.
Russian museums
Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow
The solemn ceremony of stone laying of the Museum took place on August 17, 1898 in the presence of the Emperor Nikolas II and members of the royal family. The Museum was opened on May 31, 1912 as a Museum of Fine Arts named after Emperor Alexander III under the University of Moscow.
Russian museums
Russian Ethnographic Museum, St. Petersburg
Special Exhibits: Treasures of St. Petersburg,   Royal Collections, The Jews of Tsarist Russia.
Russian museums
Russian Photographic Museum
It is the first and until now the only one in Russia. It was founded on the 21st of September, 1992 by the Nizhegorodsky Photographic Foundation "Dmitriyev & Karelin", a non - governmental organization.
Russian museums
Russian Thinkers Gallery
Russian thinkers Nikolai Fedorov, Vladimir Solovyov, and Leo Tolstoi. The drawing by Leon Pasternak, the late 19th century.
Russian museums
Sergiev Posad State History and Art Museum-Reserve
he History and Art Museum-Reserve in Sergiev Posad is a major treasury of Russian art. The main peculiarity of the Museum is its location within the walls of the ancient Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery (Lavra), founded in the first half of the 1340s.
Russian museums
Shostakovich Museum
Shostakovich: Stalinist or Soviet Dissident? Other Shostakovich Exhibits and Related Sites. Jewish themes in Shostakovich's Music.
Russian museums
St. Petersburg Bread Museum
The only one in Russia Bread Museum.
Russian museums
The State Art and Historical-Architectural Museum Preserve "Kolomenskoye"
Kolomenskoye stands surrounded by near-by settlements where sacred things of the Russian people have been created, shown to the world and kept carefully for centuries.
Russian museums
The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
Situated in the center of St Petersburg the State Hermitage Museum is housed in five magnificent buildings created by celebrated architects of the 18th to 19th century. The Winter Palace, formerly the residence of Russian Emperors which was constructed between 1754 and 1762 after a design of Bartolomeo Rastrelli, occupies an important place amongst the other constructions of the overall Museum ensemble.
Russian museums
The State Historical-Cultural Museum-Preserve "Moscow Kremlin"
The history of Moscow and the Kremlin goes back to olden times. The first written record of Moscow dates back to 1147, to the reign of Grand Prince of Kiev Yuri, Vladimir Monomach's son.
Russian museums
The State Museum of the History of Religion, St. Petersburg
There are many museums of religious art in the world, but the number of those devoted entirely to the history of religions is very limited. One of them is situated in St. Petersburg (Russia).
Russian museums
The State Museum of V.V. Mayakovsky
Here you can find a lot of information about life and creation one of the most intricate Russian poets of that century.
Russian museums
The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
The State Russian Museum is the world's largest museum of Russian art. The collection of the Russian Museum numbers some 400,000 works and covers the entire history of Russian fine art from the tenth century to the present day.
Russian museums
The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Museum presents Russian art from 10th century to the 20th.
Russian museums
Victor Samsonov's Private Museum of Russian Art
Victor Samsonov started collecting Russian Art in 1974. During twenty years of his work he traveled hundreds times to regions of Ural, Karelia, Arhangelsk and Vologda; to villages and towns of Central Russia.
Russia Guide
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Complete playbill of all St. Petersburg,Russia theatres, shows, concerts, etcComplete playbill of all St. Petersburg,Russia theatres, shows, concerts, etc. !
World-known music festival "The Stars of the White Nights". Artistic director - Valery Gergiev (Mariinky (Kirov) Opera and Ballet)World-known music festival "The Stars of the White Nights".
Artistic director - Valery Gergiev (Mariinky (Kirov) Opera and Ballet)

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