The story of St. Antipas I (1816-1882)

St. Antipas I

Elder Antipas, a Romanian monk on Mt. Athos, was instrumental in founding the Romanian "Prodromou" Skete with his Elder Niphont, who tonsured him and blessed his beginning as a desert dweller. Fr. Antipas found an icon of the Mother of God and took it as a blessing for his travels. After a few years he became the abbot of one of Niphont's monasteries but was sent to Russia to raise funds and there found "Va-laam", where he decided to remain. He was granted the gift of seeing into the mysteries of the souls of others, and his grace-filled life quickly drew many brothers to him for counsel. He ended his days as a beloved and highly respected elder of Valaam. His relics were recently discovered and he was canonized as a local saint. His reliquary is located in the same church as that of the founders ofValaam. In addition to being an inspirer to monks to lead an exalted way of life, he was also an inspiration to the future New Martyr Bishop Arsenius of Serpukhov. The latter, on his first and only visit to Valaam, spent deep hours of prayer to decide his future at St. Antipas' grave, which was located at a distance from the rest, near the Golgotha chapel.

Text from Valaam Patericon Book of Days
(St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, Platina California)

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