The annals of Valaam 1611 - 1853


The second slaughter of Valaam monks, Father Superior Makary and brothers were murdered; the monastery was burnt to the ground, all inhabitants of the cloister left and the island was deserted, the holy relics of the Saints remained hidden in a bushel under a rock.

1611 - 1715

The period of complete desolation of the Valaam monastery.


Decree of Tsar Emperor Peter the Great on restoration of the Valaam monastery.

1719, 13th of March

Consecration of the wooden church on Valaam, in the name of Saint Sergiy and Saint Herman, and, at the same time, of the wooden buildings of the cloister.

1754, 3rd of April

On the first day of the Holy Easter, the church and all buildings burned in a fire.


The wooden monastery was built anew.


Building of a stone monastery, the internal Nazaryevsky section, was started.


The spiritual rule of Valaam monastery was adopted and approved by the Saint Petersburg Metropolitan Gavriil.


A stone church in the name of the Assumption of the Mother of God was built and consecrated. The stone Nazaryevsky section was completed by the same time.

1793, 4th of August

A stone church in the name of St Nicholas was consecrated in the internal section or quad.

With the building of a church at the Nikolsky skeet (a small and secluded monastery) in the name of the same Saint Nicholas, the church located in the quad was vacated in 1853.


A stone cathedral, with a belfry, was built and consecrated at the monastery in the name of Lord's Transfiguration.


In the Skete of All Saints, a stone church in the name of All Saints was built and consecrated.

Cathedral with bell-tower in a name of the Holy Transfiguration of the Saviour 1794.


Ten missionaries were sent from Valaam to North America, including monk Herman who was later canonized (in 1970).


Upon re-construction, the Church of Assumption was consecrated for the second time in the monastery.


The staff of the cloister was increased to thirty monks.

1799, 28th of June

Another church in the name of the Saints Sergiy and Herman was consecrated in the monastery's cathedral.

Church of All Saints, All Saints skete.


A bell weighing 257 poods (4112 kg) was cast for the cathedral church.

1809, 27th of June

A stone church in the name of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul was consecrated on the holy gate of the cloister.


The monastery staff was increased to fifty monks.

1814, 30th of June

A church in the name of the Mother of God [the Life-Giving Spring] was consecrated in the building of the brotherhood's hospital.


Construction of the entire outside building of the monastery was completed.

1819, 10th of August

The Valaam monastery was visited by His Majesty Emperor Alexander I.

1819, 20th October

Russia's Holy Synod prescribed: the names of the Saints Sergiy and Herman the Valaam Miracle-Makers should be entered into all church books with the appropriate addition of the anthems to All Saints.


Emperor Alexander I granted a set of chasubles of golden brocade and a precious cross with ornaments for successive wear by Fathers Superior of the monastery.


The Valaam monastery was assigned the first category with salaries from the treasury according to the staff positions.


Bells weighing 550 poods (8800 kg), 155 poods (2480 kg) and 82 poods (1312 kg) were cast on Valaam.


A silver shrine was built for the Saints Sergiy and Herman.

1837, 17th of June

A church in the name of the Holy Trinity was consecrated in the hospital building.


Eight stone brothers' buildings were constructed in the skete of All Saints, and a stone fencing around the entire skete. During the war of 1939-1940, those buildings were severely damaged.

1849, 18th of August

After repair, the lower church in the name of All Saints was consecrated in the skete of All Saints.

Church of st. Nicolas the Wonder-Worker in his named skete.

1850, 18th of July

The upper church in the name of Heavenly Incorporeal Forces was consecrated at the skete of All Saints.


A large stone hotel for pilgrims and guests was built in the monastery, later it was enlarged and built up in 1874 and again in 1899.

1853, 23rd of July

The stone church in the name of Saint Nicholas the Miracle-Maker was consecrated in Nikolsky skete.