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T V   M I N I S T R Y

For you would be interesting to know that our ministry is not limited by the broadcasting only.

Now there is a possibility for more people to know about Radio TEOS through the TV program "We speak about eternity..."
which is created by Radio TEOS and cable TV company "Petrony".

The show is the selection of the answers on the most interesting questions in the frames of "The Pastor's Hour" radio show.

How did this show appear on secular TV ?

One of the employees of the cable TV company, being the listener of the radio, became interesting in the activity of the radio station so, that he suggested to make TV version of the most popular program. The Director of the Radio Dr. Evgeny Nedzelsky enjoyed this idea and later at the end of 1998 began the work on the creation TV program

"We Speak About Eternity..."

Video Studio

Now there are more than 50 programs done on the cable TV. The length of each program is 27 minutes. The cable TV company is airing them twice a week on the TV. The potential audience is more than 2,300,000 people. The main and popular magazines and newspapers publish the program schedule of this cable TV company every week.

The company controls 30% of the cable networks in St. Petersburg, 17 district around St. Petersburg and even two cities outside of St. Petersburg:

  • Pskov (280 km from St. Petersburg, population 260,000 people)
  • Novgorod (190 km from St. Petersburg, population 300,000 people).

According to the public opinion poll the programs "We Speak About Eternity..." have high rating!

Radio TEOS on behalf of the cable TV company "Petrony" would be glad to partner together with Christian TV companies, churches, ministries and individuals to place their production on the cable TV in St. Petersburg.

For more information, please contact us:
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