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Participants of the Christ the Savior Cathedral reconstruction | The stages of reconstruction


The main Cathedral of Russia - Christ the Savior Cathedral barbarously destroyed on December 5 1931 has been rebuilt in 1994-2000 through to the prayers and works by His Holiness Patriarch Alexey II, the Holy Synod, support form all Russian Orthodox Church, purpose and organizational talent of Moscow's mayor Yu.M. Luzhkov, works of Moscow Government members, joint work of architects, builders, as well as artists and sculptors, who reconstructed artistic beauty of the Cathedral.

General management of the Cathedral's reconstruction performed by the Christ the Savior Cathedral Reconstruction Public Supervising Council headed by His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexey II and mayor of Moscow Yu.M. Luzhkov.

Appeal and collection of voluntary public and private donations for the Cathedral's reconstruction was done by the Christ the Savior Cathedral Reconstruction Financial Support Fund headed by I.M. Ptichnikov.

Architectural design of the Christ the Savior's Cathedral complex was performed by the Office of 'Mosproekt-2' together with the Moscow Patriarchy. Academician M.M. Posokhin was a project manager and a chief architect. In the project took part the following architects: A.N. Obolensky, D.S. Solopov, and A.M. Denisov.

General Director of ZAO 'Mospromstroi' V.V. Moroz managed the construction works.

Russian Academy of Arts headed by its President - Academitian Z.K. Tsereteli performed all artistic decoration works; 23 crews of artists took part in the painting works. The reconstruction of sculptural decorations of the Cathedral's facade was done by a group of sculptors headed by academician Yu.G. Orekhov with a help of 'Sculptor' fund.

The Ministry's of Culture of Russian Federation 'Interregional Scientific-Restorational Office' under the management of S.V. Filatov restored the genuine paintings by V.P. Vereshagin.

The 'Moscow Lithotomy Plant' headed by V.P. Tkach performed the reconstruction of the Main Iconostassis, and memorial plates, delivered the stones for the Cathedral's interior and exterior walls, as well as all elements of Florentine mosaic for the Hall of the Church Sobors(General Meetings).

Italian company 'Benco' delivered the marble, reveted the walls and the floor in the Main Cathedral, produced all chairs for the Hall of the Church Sobors.

'Target-Tsel' company under the management of V.I. Suslin implemented the exterior mason works, toreutic marble kiots, and side iconostassis'.

'Agey-7' company headed by V.A. Ageychenko constructed the Tsar's and Diaconus' Gates, and the heads of the Main Iconostassis.

'AMO-ZIL' cast all the bells for the Cathedral. The works were done under the management of M.A. Mashin.

The Cathedral's exterior gates carcasses' were assembled by MAPO 'MIG' under the management of E.K. Makhnach.

'Paryura' company headed by V.G. Meyzel is working on the reconstruction of the worship utensil.

V.M. Mirimsky and 'Oven' company performed all plaster and finishing works.

A.L. Guriev and 'Tamu' company created the big lanterns for the Cathedral's porches.

Artistic decoration of the Hall of the Holy Synod is being performed by 'Art Textile' company under the management of T.V. Zhestyankina.

'RIK-S' company under the management of S.P. Rakshun implemented all cupolas finishing works, manufactured and installed balustrades, decorative grids, candelabrums, and stairs.

The Art Decoration Commission with its Head - Mitropolit of Krutitsk and Kolomna Yuvelaly (from 1995 through 1998), and Bishop of Orekhovo-Zuevo Alexy (beginning since 1999) together with Coordination Group of Specialists with its head - priest Leonid Kalinin supervised the correspondence of all elements of the Cathedral complex to the Church
canons, historical patterns, and technologies.

Priest Mikhail Ryazantsev became the first klychar' of the rebuilt
Cathedral under the blessing of the Patriarch Alexey II.

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