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Realization of the Law


BRIT MILAH (CIRCUMCISION) (Rebe's blessing, law, realization)

Blessing of the Lubavitch Rebbe
The Lubavitch Rebbe is giving a "brocha" (blessing) to a mohel (professional, performing circumcision) who has arrived from Russia - M.Freidzon.

Why did Rebbe - the head of our generation - paid so much attention to the question of circumcision?

The Laws of Circumcision The commandment of circumcision was given to our forefather Avraham as a sign of agreement between G-d and Avraham's descendents. The agreement implies that the Jews would serve the Lord and He will guard them, bring them to the land of Israel, make them a great nation and at the end of times will give us Moshiah (let him come sooner) Every Jew (a Jew is the one whose mother is Jewish) has the responsibility of being circumcised. And every father has the responsibility to circumcise his son on the 8th day after his birth. Even if his parents have not circumcised a Jew he still has the responsibility of being circumcised. Circumcision is some kind of a stamp on the agreement with the Lord. If such a "stamp" is absent, a Jew can not be considered a full-bodied member of the Lord's community. "Let the non-circumcised soul be eradicated from its nation" 

At the circumcision a Jew is receiving a Jewish name which is a reflection of his being in the material and spiritual worlds. As our scholars say: "A non-circumcised Jew is like a jar with a hole in it. No matter how much you pour into it, it remains empty". The scholars are saying that the soul of the non-circumcised man can not open completely. And no matter how much spiritual knowledge surrounds the person, it would not be able to enter his soul and would remain exterior. When a Jew is being circumcised all the sins that he had before that moment are forgiven. It is simple for understanding - when an agreement is signed "all the previous negotiations and actions are considered invalid". It is a wonderful opportunity to start everything from the very beginning. Every day of life of a non-circumcised Jew is considered his sin, moreover, he is harming his soul by not allowing it to open and he is loosing time in this world. A non-circumcised Jew can not be a witness in court, can't fulfil any duties in the community. "A non-circumcised Jew - what can you take from he - he even does not have a name". You can't bury a non-circumcised man, there is even a commandment to circumcise the dead before the burial. Circumcision is the corner-stone of Jewish belonging to the nation and the whole definition of the People of The Lord which signed an agreement with Him at first through the forefathers Avraham, Itzhak, Jacob and then as a nation at Mount Sinai. It is such an important commandment that it is allowed to perform circumcision on Sabbath and even Yom Kippur if the eight's day falls on theses days. It is said that prophet Elija visits every circumcision and gives a blessing everybody present. The question of the obligation to be circumcised was not existent in the Jewish tradition before because that obligation seemed natural for more than three thousand years. Even a hundred years ago a non-circumcised Jew was either a survivor of a serious catastrophe (orphans, stolen children, pogroms etc.) or a person who consciously gave up his Jewishness. From this point of view our generation is a generation of stolen children. We have no responsibility for the fact that our parents did not circumcise us. But if a Jew knows that he needs to be circumcised and does nothing, he is responsible for that. 

Realization of the Law

The Chairman of the Community mohel Max (Menachem-Mendl) Freizon with G- d's help has been performing circumcision for 10 years both of the newborns and the adult Jews returning to Judaism. 

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