Neva Gate and Commandants Pier
    .  . . 1799 .

The construction of the gate in the Catherine Ramparts of the Peter and Paul Fortress between the Naryshkin and Gosudarev Bastions goes back to the 1730s. The order to erect the gate with architectural decorations on the waterside of the Fortress was issued on March 13, 1731.

The gate was built only to be altered already in 1746 according to a new design. At the same time the wooden pier was constructed.

The facade of the gate overlooking the Fortress courtyard retained its original outlook, whereas the Neva facade was altered when the Fortress walls were faced with granite according to the design by N.Lvov. The design was approved in 1780 but was implemented only in 1784-1787. As a decorative element Lvov used a four-column portico crowned with a pediment.

The Commandants Pier was built in granite in 1774-1775. Protruding far into the river the pier is connected with the bank by means of a triple span granite bridge.

Beautifully designed and built the Neva Gate and the Pier constitute one of the key elements of the architectural ensemble of the Fortress.