Museum of Space Exploration and Rocket Technology
Gas-Dynamic Laboratory

Located in the eastern part of the Zayatchy (Hare) Island is an auxiliary fortification structure built in the first half of the 18th century the so-called Ioannovsky (St.John) Ravelin. In 1932 - 1933 it used to house the mechanic workshops, experimental fire stands, designer offices of the worlds first state organization engaged in the development of rocket engines and rockets the Gas-Dynamic Laboratory. In 1969 a bronze memorial plaque was installed on the wall of the St.John Ravelin and in 1973 the Museum of Space Exploration and Rocket Technology was opened there.

The exhibition of the Museum traces the role of the Gas-Dynamic Laboratory in the history of the development of national rocket technology and space research.

In 1928-1933 the designers from the Gas-Dynamic Laboratory developed the first smokeless powder rockets which were used in the mortar installation BM-13 tagged Katusha; developed and tested here were also electric and liquid-propellant rocket engines the prototype of mid-flight engines of the modern rockets.

Revealing the memorial character of the Museum are the recreated interiors of the designer offices and the laboratory workshops as well as the high-voltage testing installation for the worlds first thermal arc engine. Among the exhibits telling about the development of the modern rocket technology and space research are the engines of the rocket launchers Vostok and Soyuz, space costumes of the cosmonauts N.Rukavishnikov, V.Solovyev and other space relics.