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The Study

The Study is the last room of the ground floor located between the Drawing Room and the vestibule. The pattern of alternating white and yellow strips characteristic of the Study's wallpaper serves as a beautiful background for engravings representing the European monarchs, predecessors and contemporaries of Peter the Great. Among them are William III, Duke of Orange, the English king with whom the Tsar often met and had friendly conversations during his visit to London in 1698; the Austrian Emperor Leopold I - Peter the Great paid a visit to him in Vienna during the same year; Philippe, the duc d'Orleans, Regent of France during the youth of Louis XV, who hosted the Russian monarch at the Palais-Royal during his stay in Paris; Christina, the Queen of Sweden, daughter of Gustavus II Adolphus, whose tutor was Baron Johan Skytte, the owner of Strelna.

On the north wall is the formal portrait of Peter the Great. This is a rare likeness of the young Tsar painted from life by an unknown artist of the late seventeenth century. The west wall of the Study is adorned with a bronze bas-relief bearing a portrait of Peter the Great by Bartolomeo Carlo Rastrelli. Under the bas-relief is a bronze copy from a cast of Peter the Great s hand made at the Milovanov Brothers Factory. The inscription on the reverse of the cast states that the imprint was made on sand at the foundry established by the Tsar in 1707 at Lipetsk.

Peter the Great was skilled in fourteen different crafts - a good smith and founder, he could turn various objects on a lathe, build yachts and guide them, cure teeth and bleed sick people - in short, he was a richly endowed person.

The Study was intended for the Tsar's home pastimes - he regularly read Dutch newspapers and books devoted to various fields of knowledge. He held his business receptions here too, and discussed problems involved in the construction work at Strelna.

The formal character of the interior is emphasized by its furniture: Dutch carved chairs, an elegant oak armchair decorated with carving, network ornament and an inlay of walnut and mahogany, as well as two cabinets. The trimming of one cabinet veneered with ebony and inlaid with ivory and tortoise-shell is especially exquisite. Such cabinets began to be delivered to Russia from Europe in the late seventeenth century.

The Study.

The Study. Cabinet.
Germany. Late 17th century.

The Study.
Bartolomeo Carlo Rastrelli.
Portrait of Peter the Great.

The Study.
Unknown painter of the
early 18th century.
Portrait of Peter the Great.

The Study.
Cast of Peter the Great's hand.
Russia. The Milovanov
Brothers Factory.
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