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The Western Gallery and the Lusthaus

The design of these rooms is absolutely identical with that of their counterparts in the eastern wing of the palace. The painted plafond and the pictures play the major part in the decor of this interior. The choice and character of the paintings in the gallery and Lusthaus are similar to those in the other rooms of the palace - they are decorated with works by Adam Silo and other masters. The two views of Zandaam, a town in Holland where Peter the Great lived and worked, painted by Frans van der Horn, are noteworthy among them.

The Service Galleries of Monplaisir

Already during the reconstruction of the Dutch House it became obvious that its dimensions could not provide accomodation even for the narrow circle of close associates and relatives of the Tsar. In 1711 Johann Braunstein began to erect, perpendicular to the Palace, two galleries, or "Family Apartments", which were completed a year later.

Both galleries had four sets of rooms each having a separate entrance and consisting of a vestibule and two rooms. Inside the rooms were plastered and whitewashed. In 1721 Peter the Great ordered that they be provided with corner fireplaces, which have survived to the present day. Braunstein linked the galleries with the two lusthaus pavilions by arches with semicircular tops. Stylistically, the galleries draw on Monplaisir and therefore they blend completely with the architectural ensemble. The "Family Apartments" were intended for those who came to stay at Peterhof. In 1724, Peter the Great compiled special "Rules" regulating the behavour of his guests there.

The service galleries of the Palace protected the Monplaisir Garden from winds as did the structures built within the area later.

The Secretary's Room

While Peter the Great stayed in Monplaisir, the room located to the south from the Bedroom was occupied by his batman. However, as to its decor, the interior shows no major difference from that in the owner's apartments. The walls here are panelled as elsewhere; the room has an inlaid floor and a moulded fireplace, and its ceiling is painted with Bacchic scenes and ornaments. As regards the quality and number of paintings, the Secretary's Room, which has twenty-four pictures, is even richer than the Emperor's study. The two marines painted on panels in grisaille by Adriaen van der Salm (1663-1720) are notable among them. They portray ships at road-stead near Archangel and Amsterdam and serve as an evidence of long-standing links between these two port cities.

The Western Gallery.
Willem van de Velde the Younger.
"Ships Riding Quietely at Anchor".

The Western Gallery.
Adam Silo.
"Ships Riding Quietely at Anchor".

The Secretary's Room.
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