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Lavra's sacred things

Sacred relics reposing in the shrine of the St Triniry Cathedral in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra

  • St Prince Alexander Nevsky
  • St Alexander of Svir (Svirsky)
  • St Alexius the God's man
  • St Alexius, Bishop of Moscow (Moskovsky)
  • St martyr Akepsim
  • St martyr Anastasius of Persia (Perssky)
  • St martyress Anastasia the Roman
  • St Apostle Andrew
  • St martyr Andrew Stratelates
  • St martyr Antipius
  • St Anthony the Great
  • St martyr Aphinogenus
  • St Apostle Barnabas
  • St Barbara, grand martyress
  • St Varsonophius (bishop)
  • St Apostle Bartholomew
  • St Basil the Great (bishop)
  • St martyr Basil, Bishop of Amasia (Amasiisky)
  • St Prince Vladimir
  • St George the Victorious, grand martyr
  • St Herman, Bishop of Kazan and Sviyaz (Kazansky i Sviyazhsky)
  • St Gregory, Bishop Akraghinitsky
  • St Gregory the Theologian
  • St Gregory Decapolitus
  • St Gury, Bishop of Kazan (Kazansky)
  • St Prince David
  • St Daniel of Pereyaslavl
  • St Demetrius, grand martyr of Salonika
  • St martyress Eudokia
  • St martyr Archdeacon Eulampius
  • St Euthimius the Great
  • St Euthimia, grand martyress
  • St Catherine, grand martyress
  • St martyr Hermolai
  • St Ephrem of Novy Torzhok (Novotorzhoksky)
  • St Ephrem of Syria (Sirin)
  • St Jacob of Borovichi (Borovichsky)
  • St Apostle Jacob, the God's brother
  • St Jacob of Persia, grand martyr
  • St martyr Ignatius Theophorus (Deifer)
  • St martyr John the Warrior
  • St John Chrysostom
  • St John the Kind
  • St John the Baptist
  • St Iona of Moscow (Moskovsky)
  • St martyr Hepatius
  • St Caesar Constantine
  • St Cosma
  • St Righteous Lazarus (Chetverodnevny)
  • St Apostle and Evangelist Luke
  • St Apostle and Evangelist Mark
  • St Apostle and Evangelist Matthew
  • St Michael Malein
  • St Michael, Bishop Sinadsky
  • St Moses, Archbishop of Novgorod (Novgorodsky)
  • St Arsenius of Tver (Tverskoy)
  • St Nestor
  • St martyr Nikita
  • St Nickolas, Archbishop of Myra and Lycia
  • St Nilus of Stolobnya (Stolobensky)
  • St Paul the Confessor
  • St martyr Peter of Alexandria
  • St Panteleimon, grand martyr
  • St Pimen the Great
  • St Procopius, grand martyr
  • St Prince Roman of Uglitch (Uglichsky)
  • St martyrs Sergius and Bacchus
  • St Sergius of Radonezh (Radonezhsky), the All Russia's Miracle Worker
  • St Spiridion of Trimithonte (Trimifuntsky)
  • St protomartyr Archdeacon Stephen
  • St Apostle Titus
  • St protomartyress Thecla
  • St Theodore of Sikea (Sikeot)
  • St Theodore Stratelates, grand martyr
  • St Theodore Tyron, grand martyr
  • St martyr Theodosius
  • St martyress Theodosia
  • The Virgin of Constantinople
  • St Philip of Moscow (Moskovsky)
  • St martyr Charalampius
  • St priests-martyrs slain in Sinai and Raif
  • St Fourty Martyrs of Sebaste (Sevastiyskye)
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