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3-D model
A 3-D model of "the Kursk lifting operation" allows the viewer to follow all the stages of the operation in real time (prepared by the Parallel Graphics Limited Company).

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I Compartment

II Compartment

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Year ago
How it was

Some details about salvage of the Kursk submarine

"Kursk" international fund to present in Brussels its plan to lift Russian submarine Kursk

Top stories
I Compartment

        1. Senior warrant officer Abdulkadyr ILDAROV – torpedo crew petty officer

        2. Warrant officer Alexei ZUBOV – sonar group technician

        3. Seaman Ivan NEFEDKOV – torpedo room senior

        4. Seaman Maxim BORZHOV – torpedo man

        5. Seaman Alexei SHULGIN – bilge mechanic

        6. Lieutenant Commander Arnold BORISOV – representative from the “Dagdiesel” Plant (not a member of the crew)

        7. Mamed GADJIEV – representative from the “Dagdiesel” Plant (not a member of the crew)

        II Compartment

        Headquarters of 7th division of submarines

        1. Captain (First Grade) Vladimir BAGRYANTSEV – chief of headquarters of 7th division of submarines

        2. Captain (Second Grade) Yury SHEPETNOV – Combat Unit-2 (CU-2) flagship specialist

        3. Captain (Second Grade) Viktor BELOGUN – deputy chief of electro-mechanical service

        4. Captain (Second Grade) Vasily ISAYENKO – assistant to chief of the electro-mechanical group

        5. Captain (Third Grade) Marat BAIGARIN – temporary acting CU-3 flagship specialist


        6. Captain (First Grade) Gennady LYACHIN – Kursk commander

        7. Captain (Second Degree) Sergei DUDKO – second-in-command

        8. Captain (Second Degree) Alexander SHUBIN – deputy commander for training

        9. Lieutenant-Commander Maxim SAFONOV – CU-1 commander (navigation)

        10. Sr. Lieutenant Sergei TYLIK – commander, electrical navigation group

        11. Sr. Lieutenant Vadim BUBNIV – engineer, electrical navigation group

        12. Captain (Third Grade) Andrei SILOGAVA – CU-2 commander (combat missile unit)

        13. Lieutenant-Commander Alexander SHEVCHUK – CU-2 control group commander

        14. Sr. Lieutenant Andrei PANARIN – engineer, CU-2 control group

        15. Sr. Lieutenant Boris GELETIN – CU-2 starting group commander

        16. Sr. Lieutenant Sergei UZKIY – CU-2 target designation group commander

        17. Captain (Second Grade) Yury SABLIN – CU-5 commander (propulsion unit)

        18. Captain (Third Grade) Andrei MILYUTIN – survivability division commander

        19. Lieutenant-Commander Sergei KOKURIN – survivability division bilge group commander

        20. Warrant officer Vladimir KHIVUK – checking technician

        21. Captain (Third Grade) Alexander SADKOV – CU-7 commander (combat control)

        22. Lieutenant-Commander Mikhail RODIONOV – computer group commander

        23. Sr. Lieutenant Sergei YERAKHTIN – engineer, computer group

        24. Warrant officer Yakov SAMOVAROV – medical unit chief

        25. Senior warrant officer Alexander RUZLYEV – ship’s boatswain

        26. Warrant officer Konstantin KOZYREV – technician, electrical navigation group

        27. Senior warrant officer Vladimir FESAK – second technician, electrical navigation group

        28. Warrant officer Andrei POLYANSKY – third technician, electrical navigation group

        29. Warrant officer Sergei KISLINSKY – technician, CU-2 starting group

        30. Warrant officer Sergei GRYAZNYKH – technician, computer group

        31. Seaman Dmitry MIRTOV – steering signalman

        32. Petty officer (2nd class) Dmitry LEONOV – steering signalmen unit commander

        33. Sr. Lieutenant Maxim RVANIN – engineer, electrical technical group

        34. Seaman Andrei DRYUCHENKO – electrician

        35. Sr. Lieutenant Alexei IVANOV-PAVLOV – CU-3 commander (sea mines-torpedo combat unit)

        36. Warrant officer Viktor PONOMARENKO – technician, sonar group

        III Compartment

        1. Lieutenant-Commander Dmitry REPNIKOV – second-in-command

        2. Captain (Third Grade) Andrei RUDAKOV – CU-4 commander (combat signals unit)

        3. Lieutenant-Commander Sergei FITERER – automatic space communications group commander

        4. Lieutenant-Commander Oleg NOSIKOVSKY – classified automatic communications group commander

        5. Lieutenant-Commander Vitaly SOLOREV – survivability division’s automation group commander

        6. Lieutenant-Commander Sergei LOGINOV – sonar group commander

        7. Sr. Lieutenant Andrei KOROVYAKOV – first engineer, sonar group

        8. Sr. Lieutenant Alexei KOROBKOV – second engineer, sonar group

        9. Sr. Lieutenant Alexander GUDKOV – radio intelligence group commander

        10. Captain (Third Grade) Vyacheslav BEZSOKIRNY – chemicals service chief

        11. Senior warrant officer Igor YERASOV – cryptographer

        12. Senior warrant officer Vladimir SVECHKARYEV – classified automatic communications telegraph operator

        13. Senior warrant officer Sergei KALININ – classified automatic communications telegraph operator (CU-2)

        14. Senior warrant officer Igor FEDORICHEV – CU-7 technician

        15. Warrant officer Maxim VISHNYAKOV – technician, target designation group

        16. Warrant officer Sergei CHERNYSHOV – space communications telegraph operator

        17. Warrant officer Mikhail BELOV – technician, sonar group

        18. Warrant officer Pavel TAVOLZHANSKY – technician, sonar group

        19. Senior warrant officer Sergei VLASOV – technician, radio intelligence group

        20. Warrant officer Sergei RYCHKOV – technician, chemicals service

        21. Petty officer (2nd class) Yury ANENKOV – mechanic, CU-2

        22. Seaman Dmitry KOTKOV – mechanic, CU-2

        23. Seaman (backup) Nikolai PAVLOV – mechanic, CU-2

        24. Seaman Ruslan TRYANICHEV – bilge mechanic

        IV Compartment

        1. Sr. Lieutenant Denis KIRICHENKO – engineer, survivability division

        2. Captain Alexei STANKEVICH – medical service chief

        3. Warrant officer Vitaly ROMANYUK – doctor’s assistant

        4. Senior warrant officer Vasily KICHKIRUK – petty officer, medics team

        5. Senior warrant officer Anatoly BELYAEV – senior ship’s cook (instructor)

        6. Chief petty officer of the ship Salovat YANSAPOV – ship’s cook (instructor)

        7. Seaman Sergei VITCHENKO – cook

        8. Seaman Oleg YEVDOKIMOV – cook

        9. Seaman Dmitry STAROSLETSEV – bilge man

        10. Seaman Alexander Khalepo – turbine operator (backup)

        11. Seaman Alexei KOLOMEITSEV – turbine operator (backup)

        12. Seaman Igor LOGINOV – turbine operator (backup)

        V Compartment

        1. Captain (Third Grade) Dmitry MURACHYOV – commander, division order of battle group

        2. Lieutenant-Commander Denis PSHENICHNIKOV – commander, remote control group (first)

        3. Lieutenant-Commander Sergei LYUBUSHKIN – commander, remote control group (second)

        4. Captain (Third Grade) Ilya SHCHAVINSKY – commander, electrical division

        5. Lieutenant-Commander Andrei VASILYEV – commander, automation group of order of battle division

        6. Captain (Third Grade) Nikolai BELOZYOROV – commander, electrical-technical group

        7. Sr. Warrant Officer Ivan TSYMBAL – electrician

        8. Warrant Officer Oleg TROYAN – technician of chemical service

        9. Sr. Petty Officer Alexander NEUSTROYEV – electrician

        10. Seaman Alexei LARIONOV – bilge seaman

        11. Warrant Officer Vladimir SHABLATOV – electrical technician

        V-bis Compartment

        1. Sr. Lieutenant Vitaly KUZNETSOV – engineer of electrical service

        2. Sr. Warrant Officer Nail KHAFIZOV – senior instructor of chemical service

        3. Sr. Warrant Officer Yevgeny GORBUNOV – diesel technician

        4. Warrant Officer Valery BAIBARIN – senior, bilge survivability division

        VI Compartment

        1. Lieutenant-Commander Rashid ARYAPOV – commander, order of battle division

        2. Warrant Officer Alexei BALANOV – senior, group of bilge men of order of battle division

        3. Sr. Lieutenant Alexei MITYAYEV – engineer, automation group of order of battle division

        4. Chief Petty Officer Vyacheslav MAINAGASHEV – bilge specialist

        5. Seaman Alexei KORKIN – bilge specialist

        VII Compartment

        1. Lieutenant-Commander Dmitry KOLESNIKOV – commander, technical group of order of battle division

        2. Warrant Officer Fanis ISHMURADOV – technician, technical group

        3. Petty Officer, Second Class, Vladimir SADOVOI – commander, turbine unit

        4. Seaman Roman KUBIKOV – turbine operator

        5. Seaman Alexei NEKRASOV – turbine operator

        6. Petty Officer, First Class, Reshid ZUBAIDULLIN – electrician

        7. Seaman Ilya NALYOTOV – turbine operator

        8. Petty Officer, Second Class, Roman ANIKIYEV – turbine operator

        9. Sr. Warrant Officer Vladimir KOZADYOROV – turbine technician

        VIII Compartment

        1. Lieutenant-Commander Sergei SADILENKO – engineer, remote control group (second)

        2. Sr. Warrant Officer Viktor KUZNETSOV – senior assistant, turbine operator

        3. Chief Petty Officer Robert GESSLER – commander, turbine unit

        4. Sr. Warrant Officer Andrei BORISOV – technician, automation group of order of battle division

        5. Seaman Roman MARTYNOV – turbine operator

        6. Seaman Viktor SIDYUKHIN – turbine operator

        7. Seaman Yury BORISOV – turbine operator

        IX Compartment

        1. Sr. Lieutenant Alexander BRAZHKIN – engineer, remote control group (second)

        2. Warrant Officer Vasily IVANOV – senior, group of electricians

        3. Warrant Officer Mikhail BOCHKOV – technician, bilge group of survivability division
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