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How it was

Some details about salvage of the Kursk submarine

"Kursk" international fund to present in Brussels its plan to lift Russian submarine Kursk

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Year Ago
How it was
How it was

Some details about salvage of the Kursk submarine
Some details of the retrieval operation scheduled for the summer to raise the Russian submarine Kursk were disclosed today.

"Kursk" international fund to present in Brussels its plan to lift Russian submarine Kursk
The leadership of the fund will sum up the results of the three-month work of the experts from Russia, Norway, the USA, Great Britain, Sweden, Italy and other countries. Specialists in different fields of science and technology will speak about the details of a planned lifting of the Kursk submarine from the bottom of the Barents Sea.

Radiation background in the area of the wreck of the Kursk nuclear submarine is within norm
The radiation background in the area of the wreck of the nuclear submarine Kursk in the Barents Sea continues to be within norm, the chief of the press service of the Northern Fleet, Captain 1st Rank Vladimir Navrotsky said.

Children who lost fathers as result of Kursk tragedy to have a rest in Austria
Children who have lost fathers as a result of the Kursk tragedy are to go to Austria to celebrate Russian Christmas and ski in the Alps.

New Russian anti-ship missile – no international agreements violated
Russia has developed an unmatched anti-ship cruise missile, which can be used by various countries instead of outdated U.S., French or Italian missiles.

Secret cruise missile – main mystery behind sunken Kursk
Exclusive information provided to Strana.Ru implies that the sunken Russian atomic-powered submarine at the bottom of the Barents Sea still holds 22 secret, supersonic, long-range, antimissile, cruise missiles of the Granit class against which not a single navy in the world has efficient means of protection.

Moscow inventor proposes net to lift Kursk submarine
The President of Moscow’s Union of Inventors Nikolai Knyazev proposes raising the stricken Kursk submarine from the bottom of the Barents Sea with the help of a hammock-like net woven out of metallic cables and aerostats.

Russian admiral confirms that SOS signal was received from foreign sub at the time of “Kursk” submarine disaster
A SOS signal sent by a foreign submarine, registered in the Barents Sea area where the “Kursk” submarine sank in August, is another confirmation of the collision version.

“Kursk” was sunk by British submarine, alleges former Russian submariner
The “Kursk” was sunk by a British submarine of the Trafalgar type, writes former deep-sea diver. Chief of Staff Anatoly Kvashnin asks NATO command to allow inspection of suspect vessels.

New evidence supports theory that “Kursk” accident was caused by collision with another vessel
Theory of “Kursk” collision with another vessel, possibly a foreign submarine, is supported by new evidence. Another note from a dead submariner is found.

Cause of “Kursk” tragedy expected to be announced today
The cause of the accident with the “Kursk” nuclear submarine is to be announced Wednesday afternoon, but new information received by the investigation commission may evoke doubts among its members.

Recovery work inside the “Kursk” wound up on account of high risks involved
All rescue work inside the sunken “Kursk” submarine has been wound up today because of bad weather and perils posed by high piles of broken equipment in its fourth section.

Bad weather prevents divers from entering 4th compartment of sunken “Kursk” submarine
The operation to retrieve the bodies of “Kursk” crewmen has been suspended because of bad weather. Dozens of crewmen could gather in the 4th compartment after the accident. Russian Navy commander insists on the collision version.