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"NAUTILUS INN"*** Hotel was opened at the end of April 2003 not long before the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Saint-Petersburg. The Hotel takes three floors in the recently restored building of the Business Center "Nautilus", which is not far from the historical center of the city. We offer our guests 35 rooms of different categories and suggest high quality of service.

"NAUTILUS INN"*** Hotel is situated in the quiet and green Rizhskaya street, which is not far from the center of the city – 10 minutes drive. You have just to cross the Neva River through the bridge of Alexander Nevsky – and you are already at the beginning of the central street of Saint-Petersburg – Nevsky prospect. If you prefer subway, the nearest metro station is only 7 minutes walk from the Hotel in the center of Zanevskaya square. In the square you can also find one of the finest restaurants of our city called "Schwabski domik". But for walking the finest place is the park named after Valentina Tereshkova, and if you want to plunge into the nature of Saint-Petersburg – you won’t find the better place than the Neva River embankment.


We offer our guests high quality of service corresponding the service quality of small European hotels. High qualified personnel of "NAUTILUS INN" Hotel is always ready to help, to give an advice, to share with the guests all the necessary information about the most remarkable places in the city and to explain how to get to any place in Saint-Petersburg. The Hotel is quite new and in the project of it we tried to take into consideration all the requests of tourists coming to Saint-Petersburg.

Breakfast is already included into the price of a room, but you may also order breakfast, lunch or supper or just tea or coffee into the room.

We hope that our Hotel will be popular among tourists from all over the world.


Security members, who guarantee the safety of our guests, work in the Hotel. The entrance, the hall and all three stores are equipped with video cameras, so that the security members could see and immediately react to a dangerous situation. In the Hotel there is also a safe, where you may leave your belongings representing a stated value. Choosing our Hotel, you can be sure that your stay in Saint-Petersburg will be safe and full of joy.


The total number of rooms in "NAUTILUS INN" Hotel is 35: 22 - standard double rooms; 4 - double comfort rooms; 2 - rooms of deluxe class 7 - suites with two separate rooms, two from which can be united into an apartment. One suite can be transformed into a small conference hall for 30 people.

Standard room

Standard double room consists of a bedroom with a hall and a bathroom equipped with a shower and a toilet. Total area of this room is 14 sq. m.

In a standard double room two comfortable beds or a big one bed, two bedside tables, a pier-glass, a pouf and a wardrobe were placed. Beside this each room has a TV-set with 16 TV-channels and a telephone with international connection.

The total area of a double comfort room is 18 sq. m. This room can be comfortable for a family with a child, for whom there is a special extra-bed. These rooms also have TV-sets and phones.



We offer our guests to try a great variety of food of Russian and classical European cuisine in our restaurant which is situated on the ground floor of the hotel and is also called "NAUTILUS". Modern design in marine style imitates the atmosphere of a submarine. Cosy interior, exclusive dishes, various types of old and new wine – all this will help our guests to spend their free time in the atmosphere of peace and joy. "NAUTILUS" Restaurant is a fine place not only for business lunch and romantic meetings, but also for banquets and big parties. The staff of the restaurant serves the rooms also. In each room you’ll find the menu of the restaurant – you need only to make a call!

Extra service

At "NAUTILUS INN" hotel one can also find:

  • Sauna
  • Billiards
  • Beauty saloon
  • Fitness centre
  • Solarium
  • Massage

Comfort of our guests is very important for us and we try to take into account all the requests and wishes for the guests to get at "NAUTILUS INN" everything they need during their stay in Saint-Petersburg.

Address: Rizhskaja str. 3   see map
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