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This section represents the history of the Hermitage Museum that was started in the 18th century as a private collection of Empress Catherine II and in the 20th century became one of the largest museums in the world. Click the date on the chronological scale and you will quickly get access to the information about the event you are interested in.

1754-1762 Construction of the Winter Palace commissioned by Empress Catherine II. Architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli (1700-1771)
1762 Empress Catherine II's accession to the Throne
1764 Empress Catherine II acquired Johann Ernest Gotzkowski's collection, the first collection of the Museum
1764-1775 The construction of the Small Hermitage
1769 The acquisition of Count Heirich von Bruhl's collection
1771-1787 The construction of the Large Hermitage
1772 The acquisition of Baron Pierre Crozat's collection
1779 Acquisition of Lord P. Walpole's collection
1781 Acquisition of Count Badoin's collection
1783 Construction of the Hermitage Theatre
1787 Acquisition of the Collection of John Lyde-Brown, London
1795 Creation of the St George Hall
1815 Acquisition of Empress Josephine's collection
1825 Emperor Nicholas I's accession to the throne
1826 Creation of the Military Gallery of 1812 by Carlo Rossi
1830-1840 The creation of interiors after a design of Alexander Bryulov
1833 Creation of the Fieldmarshals' Hall and Peter I's Room (Small Throne Room) by the architect Auguste Montferrand
1837 Fire in the Winter Palace
1840 Reconstruction of the state halls of the Winter Palace after the fire of 1837 by Vasily Stasov
1850 The acquisition of the collection from the gallery of Cristoforo Barbarigo
1852 Opening of the Imperial museum New Hermitage
1858 Construction of the Pavilion Hall by the architect Andrei Stakenschneider
1860 Creation of state rooms in the Large Hermitage by the architect Andrei Stakenschneider
1861 Acquisition of Marquis Gian Pietro Campana's collection
1865 Acquisition of the painting Madonna and Child (Litta Madonna) by Leonardo da Vinci
1870 Acquisition of the painting Madonna and Child (Conestabile Madonna) by Raphael
1884 Acquisition of Alexander Basilewski's collection
1885 Acquisition of the collection of the former Tsarskoye Selo Arsenal
1895 Emperor Nicholas II's accession to the throne
1914 Acquisition of the painting Madonna with a Flower (Benois Madonna) by Leonardo da Vinci
1914 Beginning of the World War I. Housing a hospital in state rooms of the Winter Palace.
1917 February Revolution and Emperor Nicholas II's abdication
1917 Deposition of the Provisional Government
1917 The Winter Palace and the Hermitage were announced state museums
1920 The Hermitage gave 460 items to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow
1920-1930 Acquisition of items from nationalized private collections
1932-1934 Sale of Hermitage collections and giving works of art to museums of the Union Republics of the USSR
1941 Beginning of the Great Patriotic War and evacuation of Hermitage collections to the Urals
1945 Opening of the Museum after the Great Patriotic War
1948 Acquisition of the collection of European paintings of the late 19th - early 20th centuries from the former collections of Sergei Shchukin and Ivan Morozov
1996 By decree of Russian President Boris Yeltsin the State Hermitage is under the direct patronage of the President of the Russian Federation

The Hermitage
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