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How old is the Hermitage?
The conception of the State Hermitage is generally attributed to 1764, when Catherine the Great purchased 225 paintings from a dealer in Berlin. She originally housed the collection in two pavilions, now called the Small Hermitage and the Old Hermitage, which were built as additions to the Winter Palace. Visit Hermitage History to learn more about the evolution of the Hermitage.

Who built the Hermitage?
Catherine the Great was responsible for building the two pavilions that were the home of her massive collections. In the 19th century, an annex was added to be a museum, now called the New Hermitage. The collections have gradually expanded to fill almost all the buildings of the Winter Palace. Visit Hermitage History for more details about the Hermitage's past.

How big is the State Hermitage? (Answer in US and European metrics)
Total area of the State Hermitage: 127 478 sq. m., or 418 230 sq. ft.
Exhibition area: 47 767 sq. m., or 156 714 sq. ft.
Repository area: 27 100 sq. m., or 88 910 sq. ft.

What is the difference between Digital Collection and Collections Highlights?
The Collection Highlights represents the best of the Hermitage artwork, and includes descriptions and examples of various works of art and their origins. The Digital Collection, on the other hand, is the first stage of a project that aims to digitise the Hermitage's entire collection, so that everyone may enjoy the Hermitage's collections on the Web. Advanced technology allows you to search this collection based on both keyword and visual criteria, and view artwork from mulitple perspectives.

How do I become a member of the museum?
By joining the International Friends' Club, you help preserve and develop the legacy of the State Hermitage. Visit the International Friends' Club to learn more about becoming a member.

How do I find out about Hermitage-sponsored exhibitions that are coming to a city near me?
Visit Exhibitions to read about the Hermitage exhibitions that are on tour, the special collections currently showing at the Hermitage, and an archive of past Hermitage-sponsored exhibitions.

How can I find out more about IBM Web technologies?
To learn more about how IBM's advances in technology, visit IBM's Web site at

How can the Hermitage help me plan a group tour to the museum?
To book a group tour of the Hermitage, call (812) 219-47-51. For more information about museum tours, visit Tours and Lectures.

How can I find out about events taking place at the Hermitage museum?
Examine the interactive Calendar to learn what special events will be showing at the Hermitage, including exhibitions, special tours and lectures, educational programs and performances.

How can I find out more information about educational programming at the State Hermitage museum?
The State Hermitage offers fun and educational programs for visitors to the museum. Look in our Education section for details about these programs.

How can I find a list of contacts at the State Hermitage?
If you have specific questions you need to address to Hermitage, visit Contacts to learn where to direct your call. Or, visit Feedback to send us your questions and comments via e-mail.

The Hermitage
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