The life of an average Russian gay, what does it feel like? I bet this is one of the questions that brought you to our site. The answer is quite simple - it is much the same as in the West. Like any Western gay, we get up in the morning, shave, take a shower, eat breakfast, kiss good-bye to our parner (if we are fortunate to have one) and go to the office. We work, chat with colleagues (some of them share our 'small secret', sometimes we are not 'out'), then go home. In the evening we cruise (if we happen not to have a partner) - in the parks, saunas, discos or in the Net - we fall in love, we part, we forgive, we forget. Well, does it matter so much that we take metro to go to the office, while you take a car, or that we prefer black tea to Starbucks coffee? We have a much more important thing in common: we all need to love and to be loved.

If you have come to our site for the thrilling stories of prosecution of gays in Russia, you will hardly find any, the state clampdown is, fortunately, a matter of the past. Essays in this section can also be dubbed "Russian Gays and Russian Society" for they discover this interaction from different points of view - whether it is about the evolution of the gay scene, the attitude of the Russian Orthodox Church towards gays, the life of a gay couple in a small Ukrainian village, or the opening of a new gay disco in Moscow.





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