Boom! And you suddenly find yourself different from others.


How come?

What next?

And you feel sad.

Remember the words of a well-known writer: "Show me a happy homosexual, and I will show you a happy corpse."

Gay, queer, homosexual... There are other words.You hear them, try to look as if you haven't heard, but your heart skips beats.And your face may flush with red if you're young.

In the beginning - god, I wish others will never know.

Then - how do I find others like myself?


Sometimes...Everybody has felt it.In the street you see somebody, and you meet his eyes.He is male, as you are, ... and you feel a surge of energy, you can't take your eyes away.You simply want this man.But he is different from you.

Where to find people of your kind, where to find a friend who will understand you at a glance?

Whom to talk to about this? Whom to ask some simple but, unfortunately, very complicated questions, and get answers? Like this:

Why does it happen?

How to behave in my community, how to talk to people?

Should I try to fight it?

Should I tell my mom?

How to meet others? How to love? What to do when my lover goes away?

How to suppress sexuality when necessary? Is it necessary?

How do others live with it?

A really simple idea comes: find others of your kind, knowing that they will understand, help, advise, never laugh at your simple and complicated questions.

If all of the above is familiar to you (no matter whether you are a man or a woman - you are a human first of all), this site is for you.

We will try to understand you here.

Our Moscow gay-community decided to create a site where anyone could read in Russian about things that are important to him, post a message and be sure that he is welcome here.

Maybe this site will become a club with an atmosphere of understanding and support, maybe it will become a place where anyone can find something personal.

There will be articles, pictures, information, ...

We did this for You. It is Your opinions and Your wishes that matter.We hope that you will bring up and discuss new subjects. questions and answers.

We must help each other.We are a minority.A minority survives if it unites.

This is what we are here for.

So who and why needs this? Everybody, to make life happier. You live only twice, remember?

Take care,
Nikita Ivanov
and Ed Mishin

Gay & Lesbian