"Many people think that only Russian girls are being sought out by foreigners, but Russian boys are no less desirable. Russia has become the West's supplier not only of willing brides, but of healthy Siberian "bears" as well" - says Alexander Shatalov, Russian poet and publisher. His statement is true to some extent. Yet the purpose of our Friend Finder is not to connect poor Russian boys to wealthy Western sugar daddies. Quite the opposite, we aim to create the place where people of various backgrounds can freely share their experiences and come to a better understanding of other nations.

It was once claimed that Russians combine the best qualities of the Slavic nation -- masculine self-esteem and feminine solicitude. This may be just one of the clues to that famous mystery of the Russian soul.

Many foreigners come to Russia only to fall under the tacit spells of that Northern country. Being struck by the hospitality and friendliness of Russians, they keep coming back again and again. Sometimes they end up in a relationship with a Russian boy, sometimes not. But the sincerity and openness of Russians inevitably conquer their hearts.



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