Radio Amateur travel to the Ushakova and Uyedineniya islands

Radist The year 2000 is a symbolic one. The end of the century, epoch, millenium... As if it sums up and draws a distinction between the preceding years. In the last year of the millenium everyone has an opportunity to make something to remember the year 2000 for the whole life.

Autonomous non-commercial "Polar World" sporting organization realize in 2000 a unique international expedition to the Ushakova and Uyedineniya islands. It's not just an extreme action of the last era, this is a real opportunity to hide another white spot on the radiofan map of the world.

Besides the main goal of going on the air with the amateur call-signs from Ushakova Island (NEW ONE IOTA) and Uyedineniya Island (AS-57) you will visit the Kremlin, have a walk along the streets of Moscow, a beautiful russian town, which is over 850 years of age, and to see the nature of Karskoe Sea and of the Severnaya Zemlya (Northern Land) (AS-42).

Autonomous non-commercial sporting organization "Polar World" will make a technical and life support according to technologies tried and tested on the Pole.


We invite to cooperation national and other radio-amateur organizations to take part in the action

We invite large advertising and producing companies.

We invite individuals who wish to visit beautiful arctic islands - Ushakova Island and Uyedineniya Island

Expedition Program

1st day
Participants' arrival to Moscow, accomodation in a hotel, registration, meeting, supper.

2nd day
Breakfast, excursion around the city, to the Kremlin, lunch, equipment loading, departure to Vorkuta, supper in train.

AN74, landing on the ice 3rd day
In the train (Moscow-Vorkuta), three meals a day in the train.

4th day
Arrival to Vorkuta, accomodation in a hotel, acclimatization, lunch, equipment reloading on to the aircraft, supper, getting safety instructions.

5th day
An early breakfast, Vorkuta - Sredny Island flight, accomodation, getting safety instructions, supper.

6-8th days
PILE UP, 3 meals a day in the open air, a festive dinner.

Camp 9th day
PILE UP, breakfast, lunch in the open air, camp removal, flight to Sredny Island, supper.

10th day
Early breakfast, Sredny Island-Uyedineniya Island flight, PILE UP on Uyedineniya Island, flight to Sredny Island, late supper.

11th day
Breakfast, Sredny Island - Vorkuta flight, accomodation in a hotel, lunch, supper.

12th day
Breakfast, free time, lunch, equipment loading, departure for Moscow.

Frozen Camp 13th day
Breakfast, in the Vorkuta -Moscow train, 3 meals a day in train.

14th day
Arrival in Moscow, accomodation in a hotel, expedition summary, a festive dinner.

15th day
Breakfast, getting back home.


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