Visiting the newly-born seals

In this expidition you will:
  • Watch and touch the cute little sea cubs;
  • Visit a Russian North's memorials in St. Petersburg and Arkhangelsk;
  • Spend some days in the real Pomor houses.

    Project Experience:

  • Expedition of year 2000.
  • This magnificent and moving event takes place off the north-west coast of Russia every year with the coming of spring. The narrow strait which connects the White Sea with the Sea of Barents was chosen by the Greenland seals as the location for their parturition. There are only three places like this in the entire world. Dozens of thousands of seals are drawn there every year by their procreation instinct. For centuries, white furry cubs have been born at the same place and the same time. The look of their enormous, wistful eyes cannot leave indifferent anyone who sees them.

    There is a lot of public polemic and heated debates around this event every year. The cruelty and greed of those who go sealing every year and uphold their right to slaughter the seals are beyond any human comprehension.

    Sea Cub (Belek)
    This pages uses some photos by David White and Fred Bruemmer.
    The responsibility of choosing between permitting and prohibiting the murder of the seal cubs rests with the legislative authorities. It's our duty to help the seals in getting a chance for abolition of sustained future infanticide.

    We regard our expedition as an opportunity to demonstrate the entire beauty and fragile vulnerability of the northern nature to the people; to remind them of how unprotected infancy is and how inviolate in should be; to let the participants of our expedition see with their own eyes the mysterious nature and the beauty of these astonishing animals deserving human care and protection.

    Oleg Prodan, Marina Patsai

    North Pole