Terms and conditions

Advance booking and payment

Participants should pay the above amounts in time indicated below: 10% before the 20th of January 2001, and the rest before the beginning of the trip. The final payment should be made for the moment of your arrival to Russia.

Cancellation of participation and refund of amount prepaid

All requests for cancellation of participation shall be accepted in written form only.

In case the participant cancels the trip before 5th of February 2001 all prepaid will be fully reimbursed before the 15th of march 2001.

If the trip is cancelled after 5th of February 2001 the prepaid amount (10%) will not be reimbursed.

If one willing to participate didn't pay 10% in advance (before 5th Feb. 2001), the cost would be 10% higher.

But for one person decides to go instead another one who already prepaid 10% of the cost, the price stays the same.

Please note that no prepaid amounts whatsoever and/or other charges shall be refunded if the cancellation notice is received within the period of one month preceding the starting date of the expedition.

For these and other reasons which are specified below you are strongly recommended to obtain an insurance against cancellation of the expedition. The cost of participation specified herein is based on the cost of activities for a complete group of participants, and no refunds therefore can be made for any separate part of the programme you may have chosen not to take part in. It is thus obvious that no amounts can be refunded to those participants which, for some reasons, will be unable to participate in the expedition until its completion.

The Travel Plan

The travel plan proposed herein and the sequence of the expedition programme events may be altered at the discretion of the chief of expedition. We reserve the right to modify the proposed travel plan as necessary depending on the meteorological conditions, condition of ice, location of seals, political conditions and other factors beyond our control, without discussing said issue with participants of the expedition. Such decisions, without any doubt, shall be made for the sake of the all participants, with safety issue taken into consideration. The participants shall have no right to demand a cash refund or a different type of compensation in case such unavoidable modifications have been made to the travel plan and programme of events.


Please read the information stated below attentively.

Prepayment of any amount or full payment of the participation cost shall be understood as your consent to all provisions specified herein.

POLAR WORLD acts as the principal organizer of this expedition. However, POLAR WORLD, its branches and/or agents shall not be held liable for loss or damage done to the property and/or any loss arising out of illness, personal injury or death which may have occurred during the expedition. The said contingencies may be caused by improper maintenance, operation or control of any airplane, helicopter, automobile, bus, boat, hotel, state-owned carrier or any other transport facility used to carry out this expedition. We cannot accept liability for any failures, impediments, delays, actions or omissions occurring throughout the duration of the expedition through the fault of transportation or other services with which POLAR WORLD collaborates as an agent.

We reserve the right to cancel the expedition before its start. In this case, prepayments received will be refunded to participants without any further obligations from our part.

POLAR WORLD shall bear no liability for any damage caused to a participant of expedition (regardless of whether such damage has or has not resulted in said participant's death), for damage/loss of property resulting from any hostilities, protests, riots, insurrections or any other civil disturbances occurring in the countries of sojourn, and destination or transit countries. POLAR WORLD strongly recommends that the participants obtain appropriate insurance against above-mentioned contingencies.

Full responsibility for the luggage shall be borne by the luggage owner.

Should a participant fall ill during the expedition, which would eventuate in evacuation, or use of an airplane, or helicopter, or any other transport facility, or result in said participant's return back to the country of origin, the expenses arising out of the above-mentioned contingencies shall be borne solely by the participant. POLAR WORLD strongly recommends to verify if such accidents are covered by your insurance. If the coverage of you insurance does not include such accidents/contingencies, full responsibility will be borne by the participant himself. In this respect, POLAR WORLD will exonerate itself of any liability connected with such contingencies.

By making a prepayment, a participant thus confirms that his mental, physical or any other condition, or any disablement shall not cause damage to himself and to other members of expedition. POLAR WORLD reserves the right to terminate any group member's participation in the expedition for his own sake and for the sake of the expedition as a whole.

North Pole