"Polar World 2000"

Many dates are connected with the year 2000. It's the turn of the century, turn of the millenium. A sequence of celebrations is expected by many people on the entire planet. We suggest that we celebrate the memorable occasion in the life of mankind on top of the planet.

Show and ices The North Pole - a place without time and space, a point from which all the ways lead only to the south. Since ancient times the top of the Earth attracted brave travellers, who tried to reach this cherished goal. We'll give you an opportunity to feel yourself a discoverer of the polar world of neverending ice, never - setting sun and of eternal silence.

Expedition details:

  • Time frame: 1 to 15 of May, 2000
  • Quantity of participants: up to 15 people
  • Parachute jump on the Pole from a MI-8 MTV helicopter.
  • You will be brought to the North Pole by a passenger helicopter MI-8MTV supported by two fuel-supply helicopters which will be on the alert if any emergency should occur. This means of reaching the Pole has been in use since 1992. Helicopter flight conditions give opportunities of taking place in our expedition for everybody who wishes to do so and without any age limitations and any special training or equipment. During a low flight altitude you will enjoy unforgettable landscapes of Arctic - the land of polar sun that never sets in summer, the host of these places - the polar bear and will visit uninhabited arctic islands with their austere beauty.

    If you a pungent sensations lover and if you've grabbed a parachute with you - you are lucky to descend the top of the Earth under your canopy. Owing to parachute expeditions of the 1998-99 we cut skydivers' level of qualification requirements and enroll those whose category is not lower than "B".

    "Polar World" will supplement video and photo films shot during the expedition with peculiar souvenirs, awards, video stuff, seals, and stamps of the expedition and arctic stations.


    We invite to cooperation with us all the national sports committees, parachute associations and clubs, military parachutist teams in order to organize the action and set national records.

    We invite major advertising companies.

    We invite individuals wishing to make a parachute jump down on the North Pole with a tandem instructor, and we invite experienced paramotor pilots.

    North Pole