Preliminary Programme of the Expedition

1st day (May 1, Monday)
Participants' arrival to Moscow, accomodation in a hotel, registration, meeting, supper.

2nd day (May 2, Tuesday)
Breakfast, excursion around the city, to the Kremlin, lunch, equipment loading, departure to Vorkuta, supper in train.

Airplanes 3rd day (May 3, Wednesday)
In the train (Moscow-Vorkuta), three meals a day in the train.

4th day (May 4, Thursday)
Arrival to Vorkuta, accomodation in a hotel, acclimatization, lunch, equipment reloading on to the aircraft, supper, getting safety instructions

5th day (May 5, Friday)
An early breakfast, Vorkuta - Sredny Island flight, accomodation, getting safety instructions, supper

Skydiver 6th day (May 6, Saturday)
Three meals a day, practice parachute jump, islands familiarization, preparation for the flight to the Pole

7th day (May 7, Sunday)
Flight to the Pole, the North Pole program, getting back to Sredny Island, three meals a day in the open air

8th day (May 8, Monday)
A reserve day in the case of foul weather, 3 meals a day in the open air.

9th to 10th days (May 9-10, Tuesday-Wednesday)
Helicopter excursions around the islands, fishing, sashlik picnic, 3 meals a day.

11th day (May 11, Thursday)
MI8 chopper
Breakfast, Sredny Island - Vorkuta flight, accomodation in a hotel, lunch, supper

12th day (May 12, Friday)
Breakfast, free time, lunch, equipment loading, departure for Moscow.

13th day (May 13, Saturday)
Breakfast, in the Vorkuta -Moscow train, 3 meals a day in train.

14th day (May 14, Sunday)
Arrival in Moscow, accomodation in a hotel, expedition summary, a festive dinner.

15th day (May 15, Monday)
Breakfast, getting back home.


  • Our program may vary with a view to a better weather conditions use and possibilities for transportation. Our goal is the North Pole.
  • In case of the participants' desire, we offer extra Moscow excursions and jumps within near Moscow drop-zone (extra money should be paid).
  • Expedition starting time's shift is possible (up to 1 week).

North Pole