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Executive Directorate of the World Youth Games in Moscow, 1998

   "Para-World" Company    Federation of parachute sport in Russia

International parachute expedition to the North Pole 1998

Within the framework of preparation and administration of the World Youth Games in Moscow in 1998 under the auspices and with the assistance of the International Olympic Committee, the company "Para-World", Moscow, together with the Executive Directorate of the World Youth Games and with the Federation of Parachute Sport of Russia have performed a unique exploit action - International Parachute Expedition to the North Pole within the period from the 15th to the 23rd of April 1998.

70 representatives from 9 countries of the world have taken part in the expedition. For most of the participants this has become an unforgettable experience in their life. The participants have delivered and raised over the North Pole the flag of the World Youth Games, the flag of the city of Moscow and the flags of all the countries participating in the expedition.

World Youth Games flag

The following records have been set during the expedition:

  1. The first 14-year old parachute jumper has hopped by himself, without assistance down on the North Pole (it was Yegor Bakalov, Russia);
  2. The first woman has performed her fifth parachute jump down on the North Pole (Nathalie Chudiak, a native of Canada, living in Holland);
  3. The first Orthodox priest has hopped by himself, without assistance down on the North Pole and has fixed an Orthodox cross on the Top of the World (it was Father Viktor from the Novosibirsk eparchy, Russia);
  4. The first female Portuguese citizen has jumped down on the North Pole (Marta Ferreira, Portugal); Marta, Egor, Nathalie
  5. The first Asian woman, a mother of five children, has hopped by herself, without assistance down on the North Pole (Nordziah Bi Mohamad Noor, Malaysia).
  6. The first parachutist team from Asia has won a victory over the inaccessibility of the North Pole (it was the Malaysian team);
  7. The first Asian automobile, parachuted from the transport airplane IL-76 down on the North Pole, has made a trip as a self-driven vehicle in the conditions of the North Pole (the car "PROTON PERSONA SEDAN" with engine EB8319, chasis PL1C97SNLTB993490, Malaysia);
  8. The first paramotor has flown over the North Pole ("Para-World", Russia). When you read this further, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about our expedition and about our future projects.

North Pole