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Informational support

The International Parachute Expedition to the North Pole was carried out in the framework of the preparation and administration of the World Youth Games in Moscow in 1998 under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee.

The Russian press covered this action with a permanent interest.

The Informational Support at the Preparatory Stage

At the preparatory stage of the expedition, on the 25th of March of 1998 a press conference was organized and attended by 8 information agencies, 10 television channels, 7 radio stations, 31 newspapers, 3 magazines. As a result of the press conference, during the preparatory stage of the expedition, 29 news reports and articles were transmitted and published.

The Informational Support during the expedition

For the informational coverage of the expedition the following people were included into the expedition:

Over 20 hours of video recordings have been taken on tape. These recordings will serve as a basis for the montage of full-length films about the expedition.

3 radio stations were covering the expedition while it was going on.

The Informational Support after the Expedition

V.P.Shantsev, Vice-Mayor of Moscow After the expedition had been completed, on April 23, 1998 a press conference was held in Moscow City Mayor's Office. During the press conference V.P.Shantsev, Vice-Mayor of Moscow and Vice-Chairman of the Organizational Committee for the World Youth Games, received ceremonially the Flag of the World Youth Games and the Flag of Moscow which had been raised over the North Pole. All expedition's participants received the certificates of The National Olimpic Committee of Russia. A lot of reports and news messages based on the conclusive press conference and the resulting information materials, are still coming out through the mass media about our expedition. All the central television channels have transmitted messages about the expedition carried out. Still some extracts from these materials are appearing in television and radio programs, newspapers and magazines.


The organizers of the expedition express their special gratitude for the informational support of the International Parachute Expedition to the North Pole, dedicated to the World Youth Games in Moscow, to:

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