Projects of the year 2000:

"Seeing the New Millennium in 90°N" - extreme-type tourism fiesta: a cruise to the North Pole aboard a nuclear-powered ice-breaker. (Balloonists, skydivers, paramotorists and scubadivers are advised to participate in this event. For the first time ever, both comfort and extreme-type activities can be combined in the North Pole!)
Expeditions in 2000-2001 on 100th G.A.Ushakov's Birthday anniversary celebration.
"Visiting the Newly-born Seals" - an international expedition to the White Sea.

"Polar World 2000": expeditions to the North Pole in small groups (transportation by helicopter).
Expeditions to the Alexandra Island of the Franz-Josef Land Archipelago.

Potential expedition routes:

Basic analysis and initial preparation have been done for specialized trips to:
  • the Kamchatka peninsula;
  • the Komandorskie Islands;
  • the islands of the Arctic basin;
  • the Tien Shan ridge mountains;
  • Antarctica;
  • the Orthodox monasteries of Russia;
  • the national reserves of the Ladoga Lake and the Gulf of Finland.
North Pole