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Polar Clothing

The main producer of special-purpose clothing for polar expeditions carried out by POLAR WORLD is a Moscow-based garment-making company named BASK. The clothing produced by BASK company is made with allowance for specific nature of extreme climatic conditions under which polar expeditions are conducted, and with the latest developments and designs in the sphere of sports clothing taken into account. Therefore, it ensures that the travellers are provided with a totally new level of safety and comfort. The air temperature in the Arctic region may be as low as minus 35°C, whereas at the altitude of 2,500 meters (that's the altitude from which we do parachute jumping) it may reach minus 60°C. Back in 1998 the members of the Malaysian skydiving team, who were basically accustomed to skydiving under tropical conditions, were very comfortable in the Arctic Pole thanks to our clothing.

Having obtained a unique experience in using special-purpose clothing in our extreme Arctic expeditions, we offer to the future participants of our projects an optimum assortment of special-purpose clothing items to be used under polar conditions. You can order the clothing you need directly from us:

  • Socks "Polar Sock-mild"
  • Underwear "Polartec Mikro"
  • Overalls with sleeves "Buka-1" or Suit
  • Polar "Valley"
  • Overalls downy "Manaslu"
  • Jacket downy "MAKALU S-XL"
  • Mittens downy "Mountain Mitt"
  • Gloves "Polar Glove"
  • Gloves for jump
  • Underhelm Power Stretch "Balaklava"
  • Mask leather for jump
  • Sleeping bag "CKS"
  • Cream against frostbite "Life-saver"
  • Chemical warmer for hands "Grabber Mycoal"
  • Chemical warmer for legs "Grabber Mycoal"
  • Shoes (-74°C) "Glasier" or "Dominator"

"Mountain Mitt" "Buka-1" "Manaslu"

North Pole