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Pneumoskeleton fast-raised facilities (PFF)

We have got a unique experience in using mobile rapid deployment complexes in conditions of polar expeditions, and we offer to you an optimal temporary housing and shelter for using them for operations in the field and difficult to access areas.

Inflatable modules can be used to:

    Inflatable modules
  • provide temporary housing and shelter for people and machinery;
  • organize field hospitals and medical facilities to provide medical help in emergency situations and natural disaster areas;
  • organize rescue centers;
  • set up warehouses, etc.
The complexes consist of standardized inflatable units (modules) of different types including connecting and airlock modules (see pictures).

Scheme 1-2
Scheme 3
Modules can be interconnected thus forming an integral complex suitable for a particular purpose. Assembling does not require the use of any mechanical tools. (Schemes 2 and 3 - few options of integration). Average time needed to fully erect a complex is 20 min.

The experience of designing and operating installations of that type is based on fundamental scientific research, modern technologies, materials that are used in production and provide comfortable and safe conditions for people in emergency.

Fire-resistant materials ensure safety against fire hazards.

Any mode of transportation can be used to deliver the complex to the place of operation including air transport with subsequent landing by cargo parachute.

Different types of inflatable modules have been tested in all climatic regions of the world. They have been operated in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, parachuted on the North Pole, used by rescue teams in the republics on Northern Caucasus, in Asia, Far East and Sakhalin, the other places include Alaska, Canada's Northern Territories, Iceland, Sweden and Afghanistan.

North Pole
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