Independent Non-profit Sports Organization

Drawing on the unique experience obtained in arranging and carrying out polar expeditions, the founders of new non-profit entity pursue one basic goal, which is essentially to expand human capabilities in exploring and developing both the North and South Polar regions of our planet. Logo

The experts of POLAR WORLD will assist you in visiting the areas inaccessible to plain tourists and situated virtually "at the world's end". You'll have a chance to see the breath-taking world of ice, the perennial cold, take a look at the exotic animals inhabiting the polar territories, test yourself and discover your new inner strength and capabilities through spending some time under harsh climatic conditions.

We develop not only our own extreme tourist projects. We also provide assistance in arranging and conducting customized, "tailor-made" expeditions heading (both in groups and individually) exactly to that specific area which is of particular interest to you. We shall undertake a thorough logistics analysis of the expected route, optimize the transportation schemes and costs involved, and suggest an option most suitable to you. We shall reduce your risks considerably, assist you in delivering your luggage to difficult-of-access locations by using both conventional transportation facilities and parachute-landing techniques.

The roster of our current customers and partners comprises not just skydivers, balloonists, divers and travellers, but also aviators, the military, the border guards, fishermen, meteorologists, biologists, seamen, scientists - that is to say, the community of people who live and work at extreme latitudes and who care for the future of the Arctic and the Antarctic Polar Regions.

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