Once-in-a-lifetime voyage

Nowadays the Arctic is one of the last ecologically intact wilderness sanctuaries on our planet. The Arctic's ecological balance, however, is extremely precarious.

Carrying a ship

Under the region's extreme climatic conditions, animal and plant life exists on the verge of their tolerances. Any interference by man in the region must be extremely cautious and carefully considered because the consequences are much more serious than elsewhere. With this in mind, Poseidon and MSCO ensure that expeditions are arranged in a way that minimizes disturbance to wildlife and the fragile natural environment of the Arctic.

Your safety is of paramount importance. Although any expedition involves some degree of risk, our ship is certified by all international organizations having regulatory authority for voyages of this type. The crew and attending staff are experienced and qualified for operations in the most challenging ice conditions.

Remote and difficult to reach, the North Pole has lured generations of explorers on voyages full of adventure and discoveries. It is only at the end of the second millennium that nuclear power has enabled man to reach the top of the world without the dangers faced by earlier voyagers, yet with all the spirit of adventure inherent in their quest. Who knows, maybe at the end of the next millennium earthlings will also easily reach the boundaries of the known universe and return home victorious as ever.


Poseidon is the only Russian company which, in cooperation with the Murmansk Shipping Company, employs a most powerful icebreaker for arctic voyages. All expeditions are served by the top class crews of the MSCO along with a team of scientists, naturalists, lecturers, and guides.

North Pole