"Yamal" is 
the most powerful icebreaker in the world

The "Yamal", a vessel of 23,000 tons displacement and 75,000 h.p. capacity, with a hull thickness of 48 mm, is one of the most powerful and sophisicated ships in the world. Designed as a working ship for ploughing Russia's sea routes in the north, the "Yamal" can crash through the thickest and heaviest ice. This remarkable vessel, combining advanced technology and comfortable passenger accomodation, is under the management of the Murmansk Shipping Company.


High quality accommodation
Suite Passengers aboard "Yamal" are lodged in 50 outside cabins (i.e., having windows or portholes) and first class cabins with all conveniences including large portholes, desk, television, etc. Public areas include a large passenger lounge (that can accomodate all passengers at once), restroom, cinema/lecture hall, basketball court, gymnasium, and an indoor swimming pool filled with heated sea water, in addition to a sauna. The captain's bridge (open almost around the clock) and wide, open decks at various levels, provide splendid views from the ship. The "Yamal" also has a good library and a small hospital.

Yuri Senkevich and Arthur Chilingarov on the North Pole Superb cuisine
Qualified chefs prepare varied international cuisine, and experienced staff attend your needs. The bar has a large supply of alcoholic and soft drinks.

Unique "Zodiac" landing crafts and helicopters
Two onboard helicopters are required for ice navigation and used for reconnaissance flights.

Employees, guides and the crew
On the captain's bridge Our icebreaker has an experienced staff of 150 persons, including 50 employees and mechanics. As Russia's icebreaker fleet is considered to be the world's biggest and most up-to-date, Russians are recognized experts in polar research. The expedition is directed by an experienced leader with a staff of specialists chosen for their local knowledge and expertise.

Technical equipment
The "Yamal", an icebreaker with a capacity of 75,000 h.p., a thick armor of special sheet steel forming a double hull, and a specific ice ship design, is one of the few surface vessels to ever have reached the North Pole.

Landing on the ice The advance of the vessel through the ice is facilitated by a pneumatic bubbling system supplying hot water through jets under the level of the ice, as well as a polymer coating over the hull and the ability to quickly move ballast water. Ice can be broken during both forward and reverse movement. The vessel is set in motion by the rotation of three screw propellers, each having four blades weighing seven tons each.

Two nuclear reactors providing steam for the engine are enclosed in a casing made of 160 ton steel, high density concrete, and water. Double vacuum water softener produces five tons of fresh water an hour. Our vessel is equipped with the most up-to-date satellite navigation system and communication equipment, including a telephone, telex, fax, and e-mail.

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