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Extreme actions

Skydiving to the North Pole.

The history of parachute-jumping to the terrestrial North Pole point spans over 50 years. Throughout these years hundreds of desperately fearless skydivers have reached their target, but still a greater number of those who desired to skydive to the top of the world have been unable to make their dream come true.

Skydiver Such factors as the use of ice air fields, the long-haul flights and skydiving out of jumbo transport aircraft, the protracted waiting for suitable weather conditions, the low temperature at the North Pole in April (down to minus 35°C), have imposed stringent requirements on the members of Arctic skydiving expeditions.

And what about these days? Have you ever participated in a skydiving boogi somewhere in the suburbs of Moscow or in the Canary Islands? Well, in our expedition to the North Pole you'll be given a chance to enjoy a real skydiving vacation. Hard to believe it?

Here's a glimpse of what we guarantee: first-class cabins and suits, lavish bar and restaurant, fitness gym, swimming pool, warmth and comfort of your accommodation, exciting sightseeing trips/outings to the arctic islands and amazing encounters with polar wild life. And once we reach the North Pole, Mi-8 helicopter will lift you in the skies right from the ice-breaker's deck. You'll see ice blocks and our floating city down below, and up above there'll be sunshine and blue sky. August is the very peak of the summer; in fact, it'll be hot in the North Pole, with temperatures ranging between 0 and 1°C.

We are addressing the skydivers of all countries and nations: We must not miss our chance to land at the cherished "zero" point of the Earth in the outgoing millennium!


Ballooning over the North Pole.

Only a few people know the beauty of ballooning over the Pole. These few lucky ones also know how hard it used to be to do it in the past. Each kilo of payload had to be taken into account, not to mention the difficulty of delivering your balloon to the "zero" point.

We have no problems of this kind. We shall accommodate any number of balloons aboard ice-breaker and deliver them to our destination. We have no concern over the weight of your gear. Waiting for suitable weather conditions is the worst ordeal balloonists have to face. Few people can endure it. But in our expedition, you simply won't notice the pause. At one of the expedition days, leaving your warm and comfortable cabin, you will step down on ice and have a chance to arrange a real ballooning fiesta on the North Pole.

The summer skies of the Arctic are waiting for you!

Paramotoring over the North Pole.

Paramotor, this unassuming and lightest aircraft, has been winning more and more fans lately. In 1998, for the first time ever, a paramotor flew up in the sky over the North Pole. This event symbolizes the start of paramotoring at the North Pole.

We give paramotorists a chance to fly their aircraft over the top of the world and to enjoy a bird's view of our ice-breaker forging ahead steadily through the ice floes several meters thick. And your motor will not experience the stress of the subzero arctic temperatures!

scuba diver

Diving underneath the ice at the North Pole.

Divers have actually dived into the ocean underneath the ice at the top of the planet. These people are true heroes. It was through enormous efforts and sometimes even human lives that the North Pole let people look into the depths of the Arctic Ocean. Submariners and scuba divers are familiar with the complicated aspects involved in preparing the equipment and outfit before diving under low temperature conditions. Restrictions with respect to the weight of equipment, shortage of time for preparation before diving underneath the ice, remoteness of the base camp grounds are all gone with the challenges that the expeditions of the past had to face. We shall have no problems of this kind in our expedition as the ice-breaker we'll be sailing aboard is in fact a small floating city. It will easily deliver all required equipment and gear to our destination and thus will ensure that scuba divers have comfortable conditions to prepare for diving. And we are sure to have an unfrozen patch of water in the midst of ice as there will be open water abaft the ice-breaker. You will see not just the magnificent underwater world, but will also be able to look at our unique vessel from below.

North Pole
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