Aboard the Icebreaker "Yamal"

Heading for the North Pole. The Barents Sea Possessing the world's largest and most up-to-date icebreaker fleet, Russia is considered to be the world's leading polar expert. We are going to travel aboard the most powerful vessel in the world, the icebreaker "Yamal", to 90° north latitude.

We start from the port of Murmansk and will travel north via the Barents Sea towards the archipelago of Franz Josef Land, a strikingly beautiful area of glaciers, volcanoes, and wildlife. We will make several landings to familiarize ourselves with the archipelago's islands and their historical places, as well as to observe walruses and polar bears.


Farther on our ship will head due north, to the Pole. We will first see small ice floes and fragments of icebergs appearing on the dark blue surface of the Barents Sea. The air temperature will slowly drop, and soon we will enter the world of eternal snow and ice.

Just a few ships in the world can cope with this mute, white element. Sights of ice polished by wind, narrow channels of dark green water and aquamarine pools will appear.

Three bears

Shipboard helicopters will take us on aerial excursions to marvel at the boundless spaces of the Arctic Ocean, and to thrill at the sight of our icebreaker plodding through the thick polar pack. We will also have a chance to see the genuine lords of this region - polar bears.

Welcome to the Arctic!
North Pole